Wordle's Answer for the May 24th (Puzzle 339) - Hints, clues, andsolution

Wordle's Answer for the May 24th (Puzzle 339) - Hints, clues, andsolution

With today''s Wordle answer for Tuesday, May 24th, you''ll be in the skinning of things.

Whether you''re short on guesses or not sure what to type in the future, here are a few tips and a few clues, as well as the most-important solution to puzzle 339.

Youre attempting to guess a 5 letter word from a possible list of tens of thousands of people. Orange letters appear in your target word, but they are in the wrong place and must be reordered. Green letters however are already in the right place and provide critical information about how to proceed.

As well as the current brain-teaser, were adding to an even-growing list of previous Wordle answers, letting you know what to do.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

If you have gone through all of the greatest hits, but none of your assumptions seem to be correct, here are a few Wordle suggestions to help you nudge you towards the solution.

It may be a ten-inch drop, but once you have puzzled it out, it will surely be one of the many possibilities that might be added to the collection.

Your clues are:

  • The answer contains 2 vowels
  • The vowels are not next to each other in the answer
  • The last three letters of the answer spell out another word for booty

In Wordle puzzles throughout the month of May, all of these words will be used again. These are some assumptions to avoid, unless you want to remove them.

  • #320 - Homer - May 5
  • #321 - Badge - May 6
  • #322 - Midst - May 7
  • #323 - Canny - May 8
  • #324 - Shine - May 9
  • #325 - Gecko - May 10
  • #326 - Farce - May 11
  • #327 - Slung - May 12
  • #328 - Tipsy - May 13
  • #329 - Metal - May 14
  • #330 - Yield - May 15
  • #331 - Delve - May 16
  • #332 - Being - May 17
  • #333 - Scour - May 18
  • #334 - Glass - May 19
  • #335 - Gamer - May 20
  • #336 - Scrap - May 21
  • #337 - Money - May 22
  • #337 - Hinge - May 23

Todays Wordle Answer May 24th

The answer to Wordle today is album.

The album''s etymology is actually quite basic, which is derived from Latin, and which means a white-painted writing tablet.

The term "album amicorum" - literally a book of friends - was devised by German scholars in the 1600s to refer to friendship books where they had received friends and teachers signatures and wrote letters and poems to each other.

The word originated in English through that usage, and as time passed, the word album included a collection of keepsakes and souvenirs. Eventually, when home music records became more popular, the meaning was allotted to them because of their appearance.

Try these Wordle alternatives if you are not quite on hand.

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