In three days, sales of Splatoon 3 have reached 3.45 million

In three days, sales of Splatoon 3 have reached 3.45 million

Nintendo''s sales are breaking records. According to the company, packaged and digital sales of the newly released Squid Kid shooter have surpassed 3.45 million units in three days.

According to Nintendo, the number has broken first three-day sales records for the Nintendo Switch game in Japan. a site that collects Japanese sales statistics suggests that sales numbers might make that the biggest Japanese game launch ever, regardless of platform. For the record, the largest Switch launch ever in Japan was, with 3.3 million units sold in the first week.

In addition to two new weapons and a number of new special weapons, the area has gone from Inkopolis to Splatsville.

The Deep Cut trio at Splatcast promoted the three-way competition, adding a chastised three-team battle mode to the community-based competition. Team Rock, led by Deep Cut member Shiver, was honored the day.

The World Premiere Results for the Splatfest World Premiere are now in, and #TeamRock has had a lot of success! Congratulations to the winners!

When #Splatoon3 launches on 9/9, a big thank you to everyone involved!

Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) August 28, 2022

The Nintendo Switch is now available. After the launch, Nintendo promises new weapons and stages through upgrades for at least two years.

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