How to Cook Crudites and FishSandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Cook Crudites and FishSandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you''ll soon be sent to save Mickey from his house covered in Thorns. Hell give you a 101 on cooking and talk about Remy''s love of chef.

After satisfying Mickey enough, hell will eventually assist you with whipping up some Crudites and Fish Sandwiches because hes missing Minnie. Aw. The issue, however, is that you don''t have the recipe for either, and Mickey gives you little clue on what to do next.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, here''s how to prepare Crudites and Fish Sandwiches for the Missing Minnie quest!

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do I cook Crudites and Fish Sandwiches?

While you may not have a recipe for either dish - Crudites or Fish Sandwiches - this is the world''s end. In fact, you may eat a whole bunch without having to have purchased it; guesswork is beneficial!

Crudites, a French starter dish, mainly consist of raw slice or chopped vegetables. So, our Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe is just a single vegetable, according to the above. We simply used a carrot for our recipe.

Do not forget that filling the ingredients bar with five carrots will not cook five Crudites dishes. It will still cook the one, therefore you will need to cook the meal five times in a row.

Fish Sandwiches, as you mightve already thought, are made using fish and wheat. You should be able to cultivate and collect wheat from around the Plaza, and you may catch fish in any of the nearby ponds! Once you have two of each, cook away!

It''s time to go and see what Mickey thinks about five Crudites and two fish sandwiches served.

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