Saturday Mondays Screenshot: freaky bodies and a lovely cat

Saturday Mondays Screenshot: freaky bodies and a lovely cat

Every weekend, indie designers showcase current work on Twitter''s #screenshotsaturday tag. Every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This weekend, my eye has been caught my beings accumulating strange and great bodyparts for cool movement. Also, there''s a cat.

Like in the party game Esophaguys (coming to Steam), my new body aim is growing my neck into a grappling hook.

Just a casual stroll with your favorite long-necked old folks..#screenshotsaturday #indiegames #indiegamedev #esophaguys

As per Infinity Girl (coming to Steam, with a demo out now), I would also like to instruct my body to drift.

Even in this early state, you''ll get a bit of experiment with a Mario Kart-style drifting/boosting system and WOW. #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev #madewithunity

Like for this bath house from witch academy RPG Songs Of Glimmerwick (coming to Steam), I always enjoy seeing the development process.

Bathhouse''s concept will be shared in-game #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

What exactly is this type of thing?

Environment flyover#UE5 #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #architecture #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #architecture

This is not the way I personally become close friends with people, but it may also work.

Find out more about their Intense Memory#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev

The Enigma Machine and Mothered are kicking out in horror games, so I''m certainly up for the next version, Echostasis:

[RESOLVE] has been depleted.[ECHOSTASIS] - Coming this year. #screenshotsaturday

Moonbriar, a stunning rabbit librarian, has been published in a visual book.

Jaang Eimyoung''s character art is stunning. (Please give her a follow for more amazing art). #screenshotsaturday #visualnovel #animation #madewithspine #gamedev

Yes, the most important type of Screenshot Saturday post was represented, and I''m pleased to report that yes.

Sorry for the lack of #screenshotsaturday posts. I''m still working on Hand of Doom, I''m just putting new stuff in the works right now, and there''s nothing to really look at. Have a photo of my cat, Francine, instead.

What other things have caught your eye this weekend, dear reader?

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