Square Enix has formed a "environmentally-friendly" blockchain firm, Oasys

Square Enix has formed a "environmentally-friendly" blockchain firm, Oasys

Square Enix are taking more steps to develop the controversial blockchain technology in their games. Squeenix have collaborated with Oasys, which describe themselves as environmentally friendly. This is because of their less energy-intensive proof-of-work methods such as those used in Bitcoin mining. Oasys'' plans align with the Squeenix''s intention to develop tokenised economies built on blockchain in their future games.

Square Enix is just one of the many games companies to invest in the Oasyss platform so far. Bandai Namco, Sega, and Ubisoft are some of the biggies who have jumped aboard to invest in Oasys as validators. Squeenix and Oasys say their partnership will enable them to discover the feasibility of harnessing user contributions when developing new games on the blockchain. Happy day.

The exchange between Square Enix and Oasys is the most recent step along the publisher''s very stringent blockchain journey. At the start of 2022, the company''s president issued a New Year letter detailing uncanny new-age technology such as NFTs, blockchain, and the metaverse. At the time, Matsuda didn''t seem to know how they''d be working on that blockchain future. However, mucking about with Final Fantasy 7 NFTs for the game''s 25th

In May, Square Enix sold IP including Tomb Raider and Deus Ex to Embracer Group, and said in a statement that the company''s website that one of the benefits of the sale was the prospect of starting new businesses by progressing in areas such as blockchain, AI, and the cloud. I use the word tangible very lyly about blockchain.

I dislike blockchain and NFTs much. They hunch an Emperors New Clothes attitude in the games industry for one thing. Obviously, these technologies are harmful to the environment. Increasingly however, it appears that it''s only a matter of time until big publishers decide to shoehorn blockchain into their games.

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