Ubisoft has started adding indie games to their Ubisoft+ subscription service

Ubisoft has started adding indie games to their Ubisoft+ subscription service

The Ubisoft subscription platform has no functionality like Microsoft''s Game Pass. Now, the French publishers are hoping that plonking in some indie games among its dozens of Assassins Creeds and Tom Clancy shooters will attract a more diverse audience. Ubisoft+ is also running a free trial period until October 10th, including for lost subscribers, so that''s something.

There are now six people on Ubisoft+, which is not many now, but the company claims to be expanding more games on a regular basis. They will last for at least six months when they do pop up. RPG Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark and small-town adventure Lake

If you like to subscribe to the free trial that began over the weekend, you may even have the option to dunk yourself in whatever vat of Ubisoft games you want. Far Cry? Assassins Creed? Watch Dogs? If you want to try out the service then you may either have to download another launcher in the form of Ubisoft Connect, or you may even get a reduced choice of games through the use of Googles Stadia or Amazon Luna streaming services.

Most of the limited selection of recently added indies are decent enough games, and still worth a play even after a few years. Brendy enjoyed the writing of A Normal Lost Phone in 2019, although it was evident with its discovered phone capability. Although it might have already been on there since December, it would have been a success.

The Ubisoft+ trial will last until October 10th, so you have plenty of time to try it out. It''s the usual situation where youll need to remember to cancel before then to avoid paying a renewal fee.

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