What exactly is Assassin's Creed Infinity? Everything we know about the upcoming Assassin's Creedhub

What exactly is Assassin's Creed Infinity? Everything we know about the upcoming Assassin's Creedhub

What exactly is Assassin''s Creed Infinity? No doubt, this question is on the lips of many Assassin''s Creed fans who watched the recent Ubisoft Forward presentation and were feeling a little confused about the upcoming not-game named Infinity.

Don''t be shy away from assuming it''s not a new game, however. Infinity will impact every future Assassin''s Creed game in some small but notable ways. Below we''ll look at everything we know so far about Infinity, from what it is and how it works, to release dates, supported future Assassin''s Creed games.

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What is Assassin''''s Creed Infinity?

Assassin''s Creed Infinity is not a new game, but rather a standalone game from which all future Assassin''s Creed games will need to be launched. There has been a lot of debate and confusion about what Infinity will look like when it launches, so let''s try to clear things up with what we have already discovered.

Marc-Alexis Cote, the developer of Assassin''s Creed, has stated that while you come to the Infinity store, you''ll be directed first to the branch. From there, you can continue with a single button-press or two onto the Assassin''s Creed game you just launched; or you can stay in Infinity and see everything it has to offer.

Infinity will allow you to control an actual in-universe avatar that you''ll be using to interact with in-game scenarios before embarking on a new adventure. Think of it as Monster Hunter or Destiny, where you can walk around and interact with other things before embarking on a new adventure.

How will Infinity affect the Assassin''s Creed modern day storyline?

As veteran of previous several games may know, Assassin''s Creed games tend to include modern day plots combined with the main storyline of each game''s chosen era. It''s been a source of controversy among gamers for years now, and Ubisoft are finally working to address this issue with Infinity, with the addition of all future meta narrative content so that it does not alter the stories that each future Assassin''s Creed game tells.

Cote is planning to develop Infinity more than just a launcher. While Infinity may not be limited to seeing new games, experiencing the meta storyline, and accessing the encyclopedia (which is also being moved to Infinity rather than being something that is added anew for each future Assassin''s Creed game).

As time goes on, Ubisoft will add more content to Infinity. We don''t yet know what they''ll be adding. Infinity''s goal is to make it more like a virtual hub rather than a location to launch Assassin''s Creed games.

When will Assassin''''s Creed Infinity release?

Unfortunately, there are no exact release date information for Assassin''s Creed Infinity, but it appears to be unlikely to be released anytime soon. This rather ambitious new Ubisoft project is fairly early.

Given the future games that we know will be linked to Infinity (more on this below) and how far along those games are in development, we''re probably considering a release for the new Assassin''s Creed hub in 2025. As time goes on, we''ll gain a sense of when the world can expect Infinity to fall.

Which games will be included in Assassin''s Creed Infinity?

Assassin''s Creed Mirage will not be included in Infinity as it will decline before Infinity is set for release. Here are the games we know will be added to Assassin''s Creed Infinity:

Codename Red, the next flagship open-world game from Ubisoft''s largest franchise, is the first game in the series to be set in feudal Japan, a setting that has been requested by fans for years.

It will be developed by Ubisoft Quebec and headed by Jonathan Dumont, of Assassin''s Creed Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising fame. Red looks to be a fully fledged open-world game like Valhalla and Odyssey before it, offering players hundreds of hours as a fearless shinobi. There is no word yet on the date, but a safe bet would be 2025.

Assassin''s Creed: Codename Hexe is the other flagship game that will be incorporated into Infinity upon its release, presumably in 2025 or later. However, we do have no knowledge about Hexe so far, and what we do know is quite interesting. The game is likely to have a witchy, horror feel than anything we''ve seen in the series'' history, and fans are already speculating from a couple of clues in the above teaser trailer that it will be set in 17

Cote described Assassin''s Creed Hexe as a "very different type of Assassin''s Creed game" - the company that developed Assassin''s Creed Valhalla - but don''t expect the usual RPG experience. Ubisoft, given Cote''s sternations, is beginning to experiment with different genres and structures for the franchise, but given the occult guidance of the trailer, Hexe might be from a pared back VR experience to

Assassin''s Creed: Codename Invictus, a multiplayer game that looks like it might return the franchise to older Assassin''s Creed games such as Deathmatch, Manhunt, Steal the Artifact, and others, was another annoucement that certainly sparked this year''s Ubisoft Forward event.

Cote said of Invictus that "it is part of our creative intention to connect the different Assassin''s Creed games together in a multiplayer experience." This suggests the addition of multiple characters from previous Assassin''s Creed titles to Invictus, according to Cote again. "I think the concept art that we had for Invictus kind of hints to this possibility of crossing over characters from different periods. So I think you can see the intent there of Invictus allowing us

Again, don''t expect Assassin''s Creed Invictus to drop anytime soon. At the moment, we''re talking years in advance. However, when it does release, there''s a possibility that it will be permitted to play. This is not confirmed, but in Cote''s words while speaking to IGN, "it''s a possibility."

What is Infinity''s intention for future Assassin''s Creed games?

What will the real impact of Assassin''s Creed Infinity on future AC games? Not much, to be honest.

When you launch the game, you''ll need to click an extra button or two. This means that before the game is loaded up, you''ll be sent into the Infinity hub. This may be a small turn-off for many players, but we''ll have to wait and see how intrusive the hub becomes.

On the flipside, the introduction of Infinity should result in a slightly more streamlined and less complicated experience for each one of the game''s standalone games. There will be no more meta narrative that alters the history of each game, and the codex entries will be moved to Infinity.

Otherwise, you''ll be able to play future Assassin''s Creed titles as quickly as you always have. Infinity just adds a platform that you can either click straight past to enter the game, or stay and explore in less time to see what new experiences Ubisoft will offer.

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