In a disturbing new gameplayfootage, Forspoken appears to be a faster, zippier FF15

In a disturbing new gameplayfootage, Forspoken appears to be a faster, zippier FF15

The Fantasy action RPG Forspoken has been delayed more times than most games, although it has been submitted for a January release date. Today, Sony has released a smattering amount of gameplay footage, which we''ve seen today, citing why it''ll not be mega cringe. Alas, we weren''t aware of this demo, so have a look here.

While she explores the new world, Frey approaches a massive ol valley chuck full of monstrosities and free to explore. The preview gives a peek at how her magical abilities make her dodge and combat things as large as a very-large-indeed fantasy version of a crocodile.

Forspokens combat seems to be grounded in knowing when to sling a spell, and when to get Frey out of the way with her magic jumps. Most Freys powers are earth-based to begin with, but shell have the option to take on those of the Athias'' dodgy rulers, the Tanta, if she can defeat them. The preview shows off one of the fiery abilities of just one of these Tanta, Sila. Raising your hands to throw

There will be loadsouts for you to turn between spells on the fly. Another helpful, and familiar, move is the zip capability. This capability works like Monster Hunter Rises wirebug or Noctiss teleporting from Final Fantasy XV. Its possible to, well, zip towards enemies for attacks. Here''s a peek at some clips from Frey in the game here.

Forspoken was ranked among the most anticipated games of 2022, although it will likely still have a list of previous years due to the numerous delays it''s detected. In March, Forspoken was delayed another three times, before finally ending up on a release date in late January next year. Im not sure how Id last long in a world of dragons and spells like Aganazzars Scorcher, but it''s fun to daydream.

Forspoken is scheduled to release on PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store on January 24th 2023, excluding further delays. It will set you back a 65 percent discount.

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