A Nintendo Direct is being released on September 13, 2022

A Nintendo Direct is being released on September 13, 2022


A September Nintendo Direct is confirmed! It will be accessible here, and since a lot of people are keen on detail, here''s the full outline we received from Nintendo:

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, join us for a Nintendo Direct livestream with around 40 minutes of information that is mainly focused on Nintendo Switch games coming to life this winter.

This is a fully-fledged 40-minute non-indie Direct, which will likely focus on first-party games as well as partner studios. Also, the bulk will probably not feature titles scheduled for 2023 and beyond. Perhaps you might get a final tease/stinger at the end for something like.

As we prepare for the fall/winter season, Nintendo decided to stick it up! Also, its TGS week! So folks are already tuning in various streams and themes, and are prepared for it.

What we could see in this Nintendo Direct

As for the remainder of the year, we have, as well as and Its possible that may get a bit of update as well, even a new window, if not a surprise launch.

There are also possibilities, but they aren''t of a general focus on winter games launching this winter sort; but they''re still things people have requested updates. A smaller-scale surprise eShop drop might be in the cards, similar to HAL Laboratorys instant-release projects.

A movie update is a great possibility.

Where can you watch the Nintendo Direct in 2022?

Nintendo UK has issued a statement for the UK stream:

Tomorrow is not the first day of livestreaming of Nintendo Direct, as a sign of gratitude during this period of national mourning. Today, this video will be released on our YouTube channel at 16:00 (UK time).

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