If you ever need one, Steam Deck Repair Centers are now open

If you ever need one, Steam Deck Repair Centers are now open

All Hands on Deck

Valve has announced that its Steam Deck Repair Centers are now fully operational and anyone who encounters any difficulties with their expensive handheld hardware can now send it away for evaluation and repair, according to the publisher. However, the publisher was quick to say that you would probably never need it.

In a statement on Steam, devices will be sent to one of our repair centers if you encounter an issue or need to repair it. Once they are removed, our repair staff will diagnose the device and repair if necessary, then send the fixed unit back to you.

If your issue is covered by a warranty, then the company will repair your Steam Deck free of charge and send it back to you. If your warranty has expired, then the company will contact you to discuss any issues encountered with the device and come to an agreement on what should be done to ensure the powerful piece of kit is fully operational and back in place once more. Certain issues will not be covered by the free repair scheme.

If your dog bites on your thumbstick and breaks it, this is not covered by a warranty and offers Valve as an example. Previously, you''d previously been able to contact support, who will provide instructions to ship your Steam Deck to one of our repair centers. Our team will take a look and offer to replace and calibrate your thumbstick for a fee.

Also, keep ol Fido away from your purchase.

The Steam Deck, essentially a powerful handheld PC, was first introduced earlier this year, and now provides units to its pre-order customers. Valve has handled the launch very well for the most part, and has increased the rapidity with which it has been fulfilling its orders over the summer months. Visit the official store page for more information.

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