The massive Elden Rings soundtrack is now available on Spotify and other services

The massive Elden Rings soundtrack is now available on Spotify and other services

67 songs, including a bunch of boss music

You can count on FromSoftware to deliver memorable music right now, and if you''re just not fully ready to commit to it right now, you can at least soak up the atmosphere while going on your day-to-day. The soundtrack is now streaming on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and other platforms, with a handy catch-all link and at 67 songs, its a huge collection.

The game itself is the obvious pick, but although I cant shake the game''s main theme. Ahead of a long journey, it felt so empowering and ominous. Every time I would start the game, Id just hover there on the menu, waiting for the music to release me back.

Tsukasa Saito, composer on the PlayStation Blog, claims that Elden Ring is the track he''s most emotionally attached to.

After a long time concentrating on and refineing the elements of this piece, I think as a result we achieved something that embodies the game''s themes and became a strong directional model for the rest of the music, Saito continued.

I believe we created a good play for players who start playing the game, bringing their enthusiasm and desire for embarking on their quest to become Elden Lord.

FromSoftware wanted the soundtrack to reflect the fact that this was different from the series or, according to Saito, early on.

As is assumed, it''s a large game with an appropriate big soundtrack. Depending on the location, you''ll find tracks for familiar locations such as Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell, the character''s music, and many boss-focused tracks. There are also boss spoilers.

This year, there''s plenty to say about this year, and those discussions will go into the future game of the year discourse. I''m not sure how to listen to the music, but it''s all about me.

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