Players from Splatoon 3 should not forget to check SplatNet 3 for additional information

Players from Splatoon 3 should not forget to check SplatNet 3 for additional information

A mobile app has added benefits and offers to assist you uncover new secrets.

A couple of players have been diving into this weekend, searching for new levels, gear, and abilities. Make sure that the SplatNet 3 app is secure, and you may get access to a slew of additional features.

SplatNet is the Nintendo Switch Online companion app for. It allows you to download the Nintendo Switch Online app and connect it to your account.

While a separate app might seem a bit annoyante, its a little extra work that opens up a ton of extra offers and goods.

SplatNet QR Codes

For one, the SplatNet 3 app can scan QR codes that unlock additional content. Theteam has already created one, which will give you a new banner for customizing your Splashtag.

The Lab is happy to announce that there is a striking banner celebrating the launch of Splatoon 3, which you may purchase for free!

Scan the QR code on SplatNet 3 via the Nintendo Switch Online app, and youll receive a free banner you can use to customize your Splashtag!

Splatoon North America (@SplatoonNA) September 9, 2022


Crusty Sean''s Wandercrust tour is now available. Players can get Crusty Sean on Ink Points, gained by inking turf inmatches. Tracks your IP and updates your SplatNet 3 app with it, allowing you to customize those points to a variety of stages of the journey.

Upon completion of the first journey, you may already have enough capacity to complete many, perhaps even one of the journey sections.

The SplatNet Store

The Store, the largest tool available in SplatNet 3, and one of the most important reasons to purchase it, is the Store. While the stores appear to update daily, new stock comes into the SplatNet Store rotation every few hours. You can get a piece of gear, one at a time, and pay it for the corresponding amount.

This is a great way to keep an eye on early deals on good gear, particularly ones with a bounty of ability slots. It is especially helpful for novices seeking for some new ones. I highly recommend keeping an eye on the SplatNet Store rotation for fresh stocks coming in.

Schedules, stats, and more

Alongside these tools, the SplatNet app allows you to see Salmon Run rotations (including available weapons), upcoming map schedules, good statistics, and more. It''s really handy for checking info at a glance, without having to jump out of the queue or run across the plaza.

If you are one of the many players who picked up the app during its launch weekend, I encourage you to download it and make use of it. If nothing else, you may get some sick freebies and find a new set of shoes.

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