This new Brawler64 controller is a very contemporary way to play N64 games on Switch

This new Brawler64 controller is a very contemporary way to play N64 games on Switch

The controller, which will be released in 2023, works with Nintendo Switch Online games like they should.

Retro Fighters is coming out with a new version of the Brawler64, a modernized N64-inspired controller, and it should match well with the Switch Online library thanks to its button placement. The Brawler64 Wireless Bluetooth Switch Edition is now compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC, and is now raising funds on Kickstarter.

With 20 days left to go, and the funding threshold has already been crossed with $12,000 pledged. Its happening. Backers will receive their orders shipped before retail customers, with an ETA of February 2023.

Three colors are Classic Gray, Transparent Blue, and Arctic White, and the Brawler64 Switch Edition is tied to $45 promises, which will be a $5 discount from the future MSRP. This tier also includes a USB-C charging cable and instruction manual.

More buttons and a Swap ability

According to Retro Fighters, the Brawler64 Switch Edition''s advantage is that it has a long-term connectability. The gamepad has a rumble and several buttons, including screenshots, home, and minus buttons. Curiously, there is also a Swap button to switch between [the Nintendo Switch Online] button layout and the traditional Switch Pro layout.

Is it possible to connect to Bluetooth without having to make a dongle or add another setup?

Retro Fighters has promised to increase motion control capabilities at $100K, while a future Gold special edition controller at $200K.

I haven''t used the previous Brawler64 controllers yet, but have heard them come up in discussions among folks who like N64 games but aren''t quite sure how to use an N64 controller. Especially with this iteration, the design feels like a good balance between modern comfort and nostalgia. Im already equipped with Nintendo''s own N64 controllers for Switch, but I am quite interested in it. I am a fan of candy-colored transparent controllers.

The Brawler64 Switch Edition, which is available on Kickstarter, features footage of a functional prototype gamepad playing via the collection, including the sync process.

Even if I won''t use the vast majority of them, it''s great to see so many controller options.

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