Yippee-Ki-Yay, Summer Smith, New Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2 Review

Yippee-Ki-Yay, Summer Smith, New Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2 Review

You wanted to see why the show would be better on its canon? Well, we''re hoping you were satisfied with Dan Harmon''s sixth season opener, which reveals the possibility that Summer will be able to save him on a Die Hard. But there''s only one small problem. So, here''s the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD" sign and removing an image spoiler buffer before we leave our thoughts and assumptions.

Season 6 of "Rick and Morty" Episode 2 "Rick: A Mort Well Lived" Random Thoughts & Theories

NOTE: It says a lot about the program when I can admir and dislike each character an equal amount and yet still obsess over them being okay and things working out. It''s like an animated version of FXX.

Ummm, so Rick and Morty are trapped in a "Roy" game world where everyone is Morty. In the real world, they''re under attack at a Blips & Chitz arcade, where Summer is required to fight them off while Rick is trying to save Morty (who is now split among the main characters).

It''s like a virtual religion in which Morty is a god under the "Roy" religion. Though, am I only the one who sees some similarities between what''s going on with the Mortys and the seemingly endless Ricks?

How well does it that "Die Hard" has become a cultural constant across the globe? BTW: one of the henchmen named "Winslow"? If you''re a fan, there''s always room to connect.

Rick''s ability to be a victim and not feel appreciated enough knows no boundaries.

Summer became The Ultimate McClane by breaking the rules!

Wow, we just heard the brutal truth about how a decent part of Morty is about Rick. I was wondering if Morty was expressing disgruntledness with Summer and her relationship, but I don''t have to worry anymore.

Morty had the opportunity to assemble all of the Mortys before being eliminated. Initially, he had to say to the Mortys that he loved them. And then, he was able to give Rick the opportunity to take advantage of the game. But again, he had to apologize to them.

I''m not sure why Rick is going to drive Morty further and further to Rick Prime. Let''s not forget that Rick Prime is Morty''s Rick, although he is also the Rick who killed Rick''s family, thus it may be difficult to control things.

Rick''s sending Morty a text that he jinxed Summer was one of Rick''s most smallest yet cruel actions.

The "Marta" version of Morty''s video game has raised some interesting questions about Morty''s progress.

What extent did Morty get to spend the rest of his career? If you believe that the final move with the machine will not come back into play, then you didn''t watch the season opener.

YES! Peter Dinklage, right?

What I found interesting about Marty''s ease in recognizing his other, all-too-real "aspects" of himself. While Rick and Morty''s relationship is quite as harmful as ever. That''s why he is getting much more personal.

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