Will The Approach's Nationwide Tour Boost the FOC's Boom Bump?

Will The Approach's Nationwide Tour Boost the FOC's Boom Bump?

As previously mentioned, publisher Boom Studios has been on a roll as of late with new creative hits such as Stephanie Phillips and Rafting Flaviano, who plays R.L. Stine, and Christopher Cantwell and German Garcia among those receiving big orders. Besides, each of these series has risen dramatically below industry averages, which Boom Studios has decided to name the "Boom Bump."

Boom''s latest new creation-owned series, The Approach, is reunited with Image''s writing team of Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley and combines them with artist Jesus Hervas. Like The Empty Man, which was adapted into a classic horror film, or The Unsound, which is currently on Netflix with director David F. Sandberg, it''s a sort of contained horror series that is ripe for Hollywood attention. Will it be caught the attention of speculators as Haun

Is Haun already planning a successful creator-owned venture with orders greater than ahead of the FOC? While will it be sufficient to meet demand once comic collectors feast their eyes on the unusual variant covers?

Spot UV is a software that allows an image to obtain a nearly three-dimensional clarity, compared to the #25 San Diego Comic-Con versions. The unlockable Francavilla variant, which is limited to 5 copies per store, will now be enhanced on cardstock. The real effect of this treatment is only evident when they are seen in person, meaning retailers may well underestimate the demand for these covers.

Despite the one in 25 incentive covers, Megan-Hutchison-Cates is the first in a series of homage photos. These covers are popular with collectors and #1 homages the movie poster. However, perhaps the most interesting variation of all is the "secret" one that recently co-writer Jeremy Haun.

I''ve just finished printing on THE APPROACH #1 Secret Variant. It''s ridiculous! And a SECRET!

jeremy haun (@jerhaun) August 22, 2022

Haun has done these "secret" variations on previous creator-owned series like and, and sells them to fans in paper bags. Will the one for #1 be available only during a nationwide tour of comic shops he''s planning or is the tour variant a completely different image?

We''re conducting a huge nationwide signing trip for THE APPROACH, which starts at NYCC and runs until the month of OCTOBER! Have you ever seen us at a comic shop in your area, and get your hands on a fantastic TOUR EXCLUSIVE cover, t-shirt, and other goodies? We''d love to make it happen! pic.twitter.com/TRxRzzUTUG

Jeremy haun (@jerhaun) August 24, 2022

This October, a signing trip for THE APPROACH is going to mostly be the East Coast and Midwest. Still hoping to highlight something for you West Coast folks. We''ll see what we can do. Lots of planning and planning to go.

Jeremy haun (@jerhaun) September 10, 2022

When the tour starts at New York Comic-Con, we''ll see how much your local comic shop will be on the list? How much will the tour drive orders at FOC? What''s more, how do I get one of those Cthulhu tour shirts? FOCs for the first time today.

Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley, and artist Jes s Hervas (The Empty Man) get a little bit of worry about getting stuck in the airport on October 12, 2022. SRP: $3.99

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