Clefairy Commotion 2022 is a Clefairy Commotion in Pokemon GO

Clefairy Commotion 2022 is a Clefairy Commotion in Pokemon GO

This weekend, we were able to host another two one-day events: Saturday night brought us Clefairy Commotion, which saw an increase in Clefairy spawns, and Sunday afternoon saw the launch of Deoxys Raid Day, which flooded gyms with Deoxys raids, including all four formes of the mythical Pokemon. Today, we''ll see whether Clefairy Commotion was a pleasure to see.

What worked in thisevent

  • Themed events:Celebrating the harvest moon with Clefairy spawns is a perfect idea. In theory, it should''''ve been a great time. Unfortunately, the basic idea of the event is all Clefairy Commotion had working for it.

What didn''''t work in this event

  • The length: I love one-day events. I ranked Wooper Watch as one of the greatest events of all time. So what makes this single-day offering work? Well, one of a handful of major problems Clefairy Commotion had was that it was a three-hour event. I''''m perfectly fine with events being three hours long if the event''''s content is catered to an intense grind, but that was not the case here due to the next two reasons.
  • The timing: 6 PM 9 PM? To hunt Clefairy spawning at a less than Spotlight Hour rate without an increased Shiny chance? Wooper Watch worked as a nighttime event because it was . The Halloween launch is the perfect event to start at night because it''''s just the beginning of a long event. Starting this at 6 PM and ending at 9 PM worked for the theme and nothing else, as it made the game unplayable for a large portion of the fanbase.
  • The spawn rate:There were more Clefairy than usual for sure. I''''d say every fourth or fifth spawn was a Clefairy. I don''''t understand why the game wouldn''''t go all out! Flood the map. Open up inactive spawn points like you do for a standard Spotlight Hour. What was advertised as a fun, themed event ended up less exciting than even the weekly Tuesday Spotlight.


Clefairy Commotion may have been a fun night of gameplay, but it was rather a second demonstration of why Niantic so much requires a better understanding of what players enjoy.

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