Tille Walden's Clementine Book Two for October, 2023 is in the works

Tille Walden's Clementine Book Two for October, 2023 is in the works

The second graphic novel by Tillie Walden on character Clementine, has been scheduled for the 27th of June, and [Looks like it''s October, Skybound has to update this listing] 2023, a year after the first volume, as.

Clementine and her new friends are taken down by an island community led by an enigmatic doctor called Miss Morro, but as Clementine''s scars heal, she discovers dark secrets that threaten to tame her new life apart. Will Clementine go to the rest of the islanders? What is the purpose of the late Tilllie Walden series?

The Book One listing from earlier this year is presented.

Tillie Walden is making a paperback for Clementine Book One.

Selection of a Junior Library Guild in 2022!

"Tillie Walden is the future, and she brings new heights to The Walking Dead''s history. I couldn''t be more proud of her for this series." Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible)

"CLEMENTINE" is an arresting exploration of trauma, community, and hope, which is devastatingly rendered in Tillie Walden''s signature style. A triumph of the zombie genre."Shannon Watters (Lumberjanes)

"With CLEMENTINE, Tillie Walden opens the WALKING DEAD universe with a tale full of blossoming relationships in the shadow of wintery death. It''s ominous and magical, and will have you craving more when the final page turns," says the author. Chip Zdarsky (Daredevil, Stillwater)

"CLEMENTINE" enlivens its own unique voice, style, and sense to the Walking Dead universe, which is quite a feat on its own. On top of that, it''s a stunningly drawn narrative about how to overcome trauma and gain strength in ourselves and others." Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel)

"Walden''s knack for character development and unique perspective lead to a tale perfect for diehard fans of The Walking Dead, as well as newcomers," says the author of the movie "Library Journal.


Clementine is returning on the road, hoping to take her traumatic past off her and devise a new path all her own. However, when she discovers Amos, an Amish teenager who takes him along with a small group of walkers seeking to establish a new friendship. As friendship, rivalry, and romance blossom, the harsh winter soon reveals that their survivalmight be one another.

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