Superman's Son: Kal-El *That* Kiss From Superman

Superman's Son: Kal-El *That* Kiss From Superman

Jonathan Kent, the current Superman of Metropolis, was to come out in a very public way, to the rest of the DC Universe. While Clark Kent and Lois Lane were traveling on the Warworld, they have seen Jay Nakamura, also known as social activist The Truth, and he has told his friends and relatives, but that is exactly what they''re all.

In #15, it all goes a bit more public towards the rest of the DC Universe. Not through a staged statement, public speech, or press conference, as his father did when he came out about his identity as both Superman and Clark Kent. But with a kiss.

Jonathan Kent is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane and the current Superman of Metropolis, a story you first heard about on Bleeding Cool. However, since that point, the identity of Jonathan Kent has also been publicly known. Despite that, they now know about Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura in public by means of a simple kiss. And, for the sake of getting to know the world quickly in the fictional DC Universe, you learned everything, and saw it first on Bleeding Cool.

As a result, some people may get a slightly higher demand for #15. Given that it is not a secret to the comic book''s audience, I certainly cannot see it harming sales. But if any of the covers were collectible, it would probably be this cardstock cover at a dollar extra, right? #15 by Tom Taylor andCian Tormey is now available at comic book stores and digitally.

SUPERMAN SON OF KAL-EL #15 CVR B DAVID TALASKI CARD STOCK VAR (W) Tom Taylor (A) Cian Tormey (CA) David Talaski This is the case! The ultimate battle between Superman and The Truth and Bendix and his monstrous machinations has begun! But victory will be an uphill climb for our heroes as they battle Gamorra. Plusthe smooch heard''''round the world. Retail: $4

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