Photos From the Lake Como Comic Art Festival and The Most Beautiful Comic Con

Photos From the Lake Como Comic Art Festival and The Most Beautiful Comic Con

The Grand Opening Reception for the Lake Como Comic Art Festival in Como, Italy, took place during the stunning scenery and architectural splendor of Villa Erba, and last night saw guests, dealers, and guests mingle, eat and drink in a world slowly coming out of pandemic restrictions and a return to society functions. There is a sense of humour in the air, which can''t quite be put down to the flowing prosecco.

The artwork from comic book designers primarily from the United States, Britain, and mainland Europe provided a lot of benefit, but the venue and the location did the rest. That''s why, for example, regular trips back to the buffet. "Buffet" is a long-distance term for such pleasure.

The show will begin today as quickly as possible, with all of the participants discussing it. Despite general chit talk from the show, Arthur Adams and Joyce Chin have already promised to stage some type of drama for Bleeding Cool. Bless them, they know us so well.

Look, we have Mark Brooks right there, and there is something that might happen. Yes, that is Frank Cho and Liam Sharp in the background, and there is so much risk.

On a Tuesday night, the whole event grew to the equivalent of outside the San Diego Hyatt, despite a far greater influx of the very best comic book artists.

Mark Buckingham claims that he is currently drawing for Marvel Comics in order to stop Bleeding Cool running articles asking why isn''t it not drawing Miracleman, but something else. Good luck with those drinks there, Mark.

CB Cebulski, the editor-in-chief of Marvel, has applauded clearly my Mark Buckingham belief skills there.

It''s quite a feat.

Isn''t that just magical? The show begins correct today, but if you cannot finish it this year, then mark it in for 2023. Bleeding Cool will be covering the entire weekend, so you can see what you''re missing out on, right? Yes, I find a few TikToks as well a dangerous thing to discover.

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