The 40,000 EDH Deck Previews for Magic: The Gathering: Warhammer Have Arrived

The 40,000 EDH Deck Previews for Magic: The Gathering: Warhammer Have Arrived

All players, collectors, and others, who have both been involved in the best trading card game Wizards of the Coast, and the grimdark miniatures-based tabletop wargame created by Games Workshop, have been greeted today! During the preview season for this Commander deck, we got a good look at the design process of both companies'' teams when it came to the design, as well as a few previews from the Tyranid Swarm precon (which will be fully revealed tomorrow, on Tuesday, September 13

As can be seen in the YouTube video below, Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop drew effort to develop this batch of preconstructed decks for both players and fans. It was an absolute scouring of GW''s archives for lore tidbits and deep cuts that they knew would fit right into this product.

According to DailyMTG, decks will be revealed in full in the following order:

  • Tyranid Swarm will be revealed Tuesday, September 13th
  • The Ruinous Powers (the Chaos-aligned deck) will be revealed on Wednesday, September 14th
  • Necron Dynasties will be revealed on Thursday, September 15th
  • Finally, Forces of the Imperium will be revealed on Friday, September 16th

In the above video, we get insights into various card art that will be used on new and reprinted cards. It was revealed in the WeeklyMTG stream that followed it that, without one creature card that has a reprint in these decks (and basic lands), the reprints in these decks will only be Noncreature spells.

Are you excited about these decks being officially released on October 7th of this year? Please share your thoughts and opinions about these decks, as well as the combination of them, in the comments below!

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