On Amazon, Nab is a popular 60% mechanical keyboard for under 65

On Amazon, Nab is a popular 60% mechanical keyboard for under 65

Deals on the highest 60 percent keyboard are becoming more common, but Amazon has a snag on the Anne Pro 2 from Epomaker for the moment.

The keeb has been reduced to an even greater cost yet, with it costing you 63.99 at the moment, offering a 20 percent discount on the 79.99 list price, and for it, you''re getting a somewhat powerful keyboard, it must be said.

These include light and snappy Gateron Red switches that should be great for both typing amd gaming and if you''re after a particularly straightforward and smooth keypress without the tactile bump or audible click of the two switches. Fortunately, the keyscaps available on the Anne Pro 2 are still quite high quality. PBT is also used for double-shot applications.

The Anne Pro 2 has Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, which means you can pair it with a wide range of devices. To this end, Epomaker claims it works with up to four devices at once, and its 1900mAh battery should allow for up to 60 days of use with RGB disabled; with RGB on, you''ll probably need to recharge every week.

This Anne Pro 2 is a slick keyboard with the essentials when it comes to keys. There isn''t a number pad, arrow keys, or a function row; it''s just the standard alphanumeric set, and a number row for space enthusiasts. This isn''t a better layout unless you want to achieve a more radical 40 percent design.

For this price, the Anne Pro 2 is a steal of a deal for those looking for a comfortable 60 percent keyboard that is wireless, well-built, and capable Red switches that should be a handy all rounder. At 63.99, you''ll be hard pressed to find a better smaller form factor keyboard.

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