The release date, cast, episode guide, interview, and everything we know about Professor T season 2

The release date, cast, episode guide, interview, and everything we know about Professor T season 2

Season 2 will be available on screens soon, with Ben Miller reprising his role as brilliant Cambridge University criminologist Professor Jasper Tempest, who brings his expertise to his former student DS Lisa Donckers (Emma Naomi) and her team.

The first season of the show a remake of a popular Belgian detective drama ended with a shocking revelation, as the Professor experienced a flashback to his youth, showing him holding a pistol and pointing it at his father, who died shortly afterwards. But does this mean that the Professor was responsible for his father''s death?

Here''s what you need to know about the next season of...

  • star Ben Miller: ''''I was born to play this part''''
  • star Juliet Aubrey: ''''I had secret lessons!''''
  • How to watch online anywhere in the world

Professor T season 2 release date

Season 2 will air on ITV in the United Kingdom on Saturday September 16 at 9pm. Episodes will also be available weekly on ITV Hub. Release dates are currently valid. There is no US release date currently.

Professor T season 2 cast who''''s in it?

Ben Miller takes on the role of Professor Jasper Tempest, a well-known Cambridge University criminalologist who also moonlights as a police consultant. The Professor, who is a proponent of obsessive compulsive disorder, can be difficult to deal with, as he is fastidious and general disdain for people less intelligent than he is, but he has an incredible ability to get right to the heart of a crime.

Emma Naomi is on the back of DS Lisa Donckers, Barney White and Dan Winters, as well as Juliet Aubrey as DCI Christina Brand, the former professor''s wife.

Frances de la Tour is to be replaced with Adelaide Tempest, the Professor''s overbearing mother, and Sarah Woodward, the Professor''s dedicated personal assistant, Ingrid Snares.

Juliet Stevenson has joined forces forces to play Dr Helena Goldberg, the psychiatrist who the Professor seeks to help him recover from his behavioral problems and his horrible childhood memories.

Professor T season 2 episode guide

Season two of Professor T features six episodes. Here''s how to look at things in store.

Episode 1: A Ring Of Fire When a student is badly burned and in a coma after a house fire, the CID team overcome their reluctance to speak to Professor T as it emerges that the victim was drugged, and the fire began deliberately.

The Mask Murders A prominent barrister and his second wife have been found shot to death in a crime that has unimaginably similar to a double murder that he successfully prosecuted 15 years ago.

When the broadcaster''s release of synopses will be revealed, more synopses will be added.

Is there a trailer for Professor T season 2?

Season 2 hasn''t had a trailer yet, but we''ll keep this page updated with any new trailers and clips.

Ben Miller (Professor Jasper Tempest) Interview

"I just love playing this part in so many ways. I find it very moving, the way that there''s always a connection between what''s going on with Professor T and the main''murder of the week,'' says the author. I also get a lot of fun with the mix of the really moving and light and funny things.

"It''s a pleasure to play someone who has never had OCD," says the author. "It''s a shock to play someone who has not been aolized about his own inhibitions."

"In the first series, the cat comes out of the bag, and in the second series he''s not able to mix my metaphors! put the genie back in the bottle. He''s got these very horrifying memories of holding a shotgun, seeing his father dead, and feeling huge guilt and shame about this event in his childhood.

"He finds that he can''t keep it fresh up," says Juliet Stevenson, who plays the therapist for the first time in the series. "In the first episode, he decides to seek therapy. And him opens the door to other people wanting him to talk about his mother''s behavior, so he starts to talk about his relationship with his mother, and to explore all his relationships with women. It''s fascinating and Juliet Stevenson is fantastic!

"There''s a fire in a student flat. DS Donckers is a former student who is rushing students out of this burning building, and she has the capability to take a photograph of the crowd, so she knows not only who was there, but who was watching the fire.

"It doesn''t seem like a fire to begin with, it just appears like an accidental fire," but then Professor T replies and says, "we really need to figure out if this is the work of an arsonist or a pyromaniac," so it''s all about profiling the different people involved."

"I was really concerned about getting involved in therapy because of all of his stuff, all of his terrible memories, but he passes through his first session and discovers that he''s unable to assist himself, but he''s still trying to help her out, and that he can''t help himself from seeing her as a sparring partner, and finding her way through very quickly. They go on a real journey together, and there are several extremely remarkable and moving moments along the way.

"I''m guessing Juliet would be extraordinarily capable of shooting the dramatic scenes," she said. I''m guessing what I hadn''t expected was that she would be so illuminating, and capable of shooting the light, funny scenes as flawlessly as she did. "I must admit, by the end I never realized that''s Juliet Stevenson!!"

"There''s one episode in particular that I think is really interesting, in which virtually every aspect is a fantasy. It''s a very complicated crime, there''s an entire family that is discovered dead, and any combination of things may have happened it could be suicide, one or more of them may be a murderer, and he solves it all with fantasy. The way that it''s been written is that you''re kind of moving in and out of fantasy all the time, there''s a continuous fantasising

"What I love about these fantasies is that they reveal what''s going on inside the Professor, and how differently he perceives the world." At one point, he has a council meeting at the university, and it''s extremely tedious, and while somebody is droning on, he imagines a brass band playing at full volume!"

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