With this adventuresystem, make a tabletop RPG a solo game

With this adventuresystem, make a tabletop RPG a solo game

With the Radiance Adventure Engine technology, you can transform any tabletop roleplaying game into a solo experience.

The Radiance Adventure Engine is a game that allows players to enter a TRPG as a single-player game regardless of the title. With a collection of cards, players will be able to tell stories without having to meet an entire group of people together, alongside a professional team.

Players will use a selection of cards to form a core adventure problem, which will provide a narrative arc for their session or campaign. Each story is divided into eight adventure stages, each containing story and detail cards that provide the player with plenty of drama. Players will then have the opportunity to take various paths which will lead them into a new storyline. Path cards are a system and setting agnostic, meaning that they are intended to work with any TRPG.

Players'' decisions can be driven by action cards that offer them to take, similar to a GM presenting their players with a scenario with many branching paths, with every option leading to a new branch in the storyline. Stories can then be resolved through a series of possible conclusions proposed by The Radiance Adventure Engine.

Other ways to learn About The Radiance Adventure Engine are a visual mode that allows players to focus on the game''s storytelling qualities rather than gameplay elements table mode, which will randomly produce a variety of adventures for a group of players to explore, and a roleplay and writing mode, allowing players to transform any TRPG into a journalling game similar to the horror RPG Thousand-Year-Old Vampire.

Oddfish Games, a company that has previously developed tabletop RPG content, such as the How to RPG with Your Cat supplement, which allows kitty owners to get involved in their roleplaying and the Cooking with Dice cookbooks, as well as recipes inspired by TRPGs.

The Radiance Adventure Engine Kickstarter campaign runs till October 12th, with a pledge of $50 (43) receiving copies from Kickstarter supporters in February 2023.

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