Sniper Elite 5 Reveals More Of The Art Style To The Game

Sniper Elite 5 Reveals More Of The Art Style To The Game

While a lot of discussions have been made about the time it is used and the weapon selection, here''s an example of how accurate the game was when it came to making sure the game looked appropriate. All while highlighting gameplay footage with the addition of new traversal, sneaking, and takedowns actions in the game, these are highlighted. On May 26th, Rebellion Developments will be able to release a completely new video.

Paul Biddiss, the defense advisor and action coordinator for a number of high-profile films and television shows, provided his expertise to thedevelopment team as well as being Karl Fairburne''s motion capture artist, ensuring that every takedown is realistic. There is no embellishment.

The new video reveals the other stealthy options available to Karl, including new traversal mechanics that open up hidden areas of the maps, as well as giving the player alternative routes to approach their goals. Forthe player will also have the ability to shield the enemy with non-lethal takedowns and ammunition. These options enable the player to have even greater scope to handle each mission and game scenario in a way that best suits their playstyle and objective.

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