Can Cody Rhodes Avoid the Midcard Hell Trap during the WWE Raw?

Can Cody Rhodes Avoid the Midcard Hell Trap during the WWE Raw?

You''ve seen them wrestle in a match. You''ve seen them wrestle in a cage. You''ve seen them arm wrestle. This week, Bobby Lashley has a new "challenge" for The Nigerian Giant Omos. From

Omos'' All Mighty Challenge is for Bobby Lashley.

In his cage match against Nigerian Giant Omos, Bobby Lashley was dismissed triumphant.

With a special challenge for Omos and the double-crossing MVP, Now The All Mighty returns to the ring.

What is Lashley''s plan to do for the disgruntled rival? Check out Monday Night Raw at 8/7 on USA to see how much fun it takes to get started!

What are you looking at? Bowling? Checkers? Rock paper scissors? The possibilities are endless, and none of them are exciting. When will this feud come to an end?

Becky Lynch will address her loss to Asuka on last week''s Raw as part of WWE''s most exciting storyline. No, yes, not the Raw Women''s Championship feud. We mean the relationship between Sasha and Naomi at Vince McMahon''s request? Will Lynch say they "took their ball and went home" like Stone Cold Steve Austin? Tune in to learn!

The Miz will play Cody Rhodes on tonight''s episode of Raw in hopes of gaining momentum for his Hell in a Cell match in June. What''s more, will Cody end up accidentally winning that title, trapping him in midcard bad and jeopardizing his world title push? Yes, in WWE, right?

WWE Raw airs in the United States at 8/7C.

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