Come watch today's Nintendo Direct on September 2022 with us

Come watch today's Nintendo Direct on September 2022 with us

For games launching this winter

Is it time to post a Nintendo Direct watch, or could you believe it?

No, its not a Presents or a Third Amendment Direct-adjacent stream, but a full Nintendo Direct period, which lasts 40 minutes. As a reminder, here''s what Nintendo is presenting us in terms of the Direct:

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, listen to a Nintendo Direct livestream of over 40 minutes, mostly focused on Nintendo Switch games coming to an end.

What could Nintendo show us today?

Yesterday, we discussed what we might see, but as a recap, and that it may be all games that are launching, or in the latter case, by the end of the year from Nintendo itself. Of course there are other things from third parties, and there should be at least one or two surprises included.

It''s possible that future games will be revealed beyond this winter. We haven''t had a real update on for a while, and of course there''s the elephant in the room of. Nintendo might give us at least one massive tease that''s years off, just like it teased a long while back.

In any case, you may go to the Direct below and share your thoughts with the community!

YouTubers can watch the Nintendo Direct stream:

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