How to GetClay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to GetClay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you create a whimsical life in Disney Dreamlight Valley, alongside your neighbours, such as Mickey Mouse and Goofy, you will be expected to do a lot of foraging, crafting, and more. The property begins off with thorns and the chaos, but it''s your job to help restore the area and connect with other Disney fan-favourite characters.

You''ll arrive at Dazzle Beach sooner or later and discover a destroyed ship. This will trigger The Mysterious Wreck quests that will guide you in collecting a dozen resources for Goofy. Clay is one of the most common resources in the world, and it might not seem to be immediately obvious where to go.

Clay is found in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. In this guide, we''ve explained where to go.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, where do I find Clay?

First things first, youre will need plenty of Dreamlight, which you may easily earn just by playing the game.

You''ll want to go to either Sunlit Plateau, Forgotten Lands, Forest of Valor, or The Glade of Trust areas. With only 5,000 Dreamlight, the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor are the cheapest to get access, and these areas have Iron Ore and Hardwood, which is also needed for the Goofys quest.

Grab your Shovel Royal Tool and dig away; you do not have to search anything else, but dig anywhere! While youre not guaranteed Clay every time, you will still be able to acquire plenty of it by using this technique. Always make sure you have plenty of food to hand so you can keep your energy up!

You''ll need plenty of Seaweed for The Mysterious Wreck, to rope with, so don''t forget to go find plenty of stuff!

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