Future big AAA titles from Ubisoft will cost $70

Future big AAA titles from Ubisoft will cost $70

Ubisoft was the only publisher who didn''t meet expectations from other publishers, which increased their AAA price tag to a higher cost of $70.

Ubisoft has finally recovered from the same situation, as the developer began valuing its work a bit higher than previously. For example, the upcoming pirate title Skull and Bones will cost $70 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and the price will clinch to the same price from there on.

Ubisoft will continue evaluating their AAA titles'' same pricing, assuming that it meets and follows the market competition. Other publishers, such as EA, Sony, and others, have already adopted this method, and increased their AAA titles price tag.

Will there be a fan outcry? Not, as players have already absorbed the demands set by other companies without starting a rebellion. It is quite unusual to start one right now.

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