In December 2022, Vampirella will have a newborn

In December 2022, Vampirella will have a newborn

Christopher Priest and Ergun Gunduz have announced that a pregnant Vampirella will be delivered on Dynamite Entertainment.

In the epic finale of Vampirella/Dracula, Unholy, the daughter of Drakulon became a widow, and now bears her husband''s child.

Then in the most anticipated Year One, Priest and Ergun Gunduz have begun to reaping value in Vampi''s early days as a rebellious teenager on her home planet and what lead her to her adoptive Earth. In the same moments, the romance continues with her pregnancy.

As Year One concludes with a big bang, Dynamite invites visitors to become part of history and adds this significant turning point in the tapestry to their collections. However, the ultimate question is whether this baby, like their disgraced father, is a blessing or a curse for our dear Vampirella? There''s only one way to learn!

Vampirella was created byForrest J AckermanandTrina Robbinsas, a female vampire author of Warren Publishing''s black-and-white horror comic book anthology #1 in 1969. Writer-editorArchie Goodwin then developed the character in her own stories from 1970 on. After several licensing agreements,Dynamite Entertainment bought the character in 2010 and is now publishing new Vampirella comic books. Mike Pike Productions is in development.

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