On the Great British Bake Off in 2022, who is Sandro? It's all you need to know about it

On the Great British Bake Off in 2022, who is Sandro? It's all you need to know about it

With a fresh batch of bakers eager to show the nation what they can whip up in the kitchen, including Sandro. But who will be cooking up a storm in the famous white tent, and who will be suffering from a dry bottom or two?

Sandro is one of the 12 bakers from 2022 (or if you live in the United States!) and here''s all you need to know about him...

Sandro from the Great British Bake Off is who?

Sandro was born in Angola, but later fled the Angolan conflict with his mother when he was two years old, before moving to London.

Sandro enjoys playing as a Nanny and is an avid boxer. He also loves ballet and breakdance!

When Sandro was 21 years old his father developed baking as a form of therapy. He now lives and breathes it, and is often found rustling up bakes in a relaxed atmosphere with the telly on, or running virtual baking classes for autism students.

He likes to enrich his baked goods with flavors from his Angolan heritage, such as the spice of paprika, paired with sweetened breads, that are smothered in sticky dulce de leche.

Sandro has always shared his fantastic cakes and recipes on social media. On his Instagram account @sandrosbakes (opens in a new tab) you may see what he has been baking.

On the Great British Bake Off, what is Sandro''s age?

Sandro, a restaurant worker and baker, has 30 years of age.

Who else is participating in The Great British Bake Off in 2022?

  • Janusz, Headteacher PA, 34
  • Syabira, Cardiovascular Researcher, 32
  • Dawn, IT Manager, 60
  • Will, Former Charity Director, 45
  • Abdul, Electronics Engineer, 29
  • Carole, Supermarket Cashier, 59
  • Maisam, Student and Sales Assistant, 18
  • Kevin, Music Teacher, 33
  • James, Nuclear Scientist, 25
  • Maxy, Architectural Assistant, 29
  • Rebs, Masters Student, 23

How to watchThe Great British Bake of2022

The show will air on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, September 13, at 8 pm, and will then be available until the end of the year on All4. The show will then air every Tuesday evening in the same time slot.

The new season of Netflix will also air in the United States on Friday, September 16, with new episodes coming every Friday.

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