The "Russianmeta" in Classic WoW players is causing havoc among Alterac Valley's farmers

The "Russianmeta" in Classic WoW players is causing havoc among Alterac Valley's farmers

There is a big push for great gear ahead of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion launch. For many, this grind is underway in PvP, where honor points can be easily farmed and powerful PvP gear may be obtained relatively quickly. Its not a class or a bug, however. It''s a playstyle - dubbed the Russian Meta.

First off, we need to look at how Alterac Valley works for the uninformed. It''s essentially a massive battleground filled with towers, bunkers, and a boss at each faction''s headquarters. Each team has 600 reinforcements (respawns), and the aim is to either wipe out the enemy teams boss, or destroy their lives. This may sound like a long process, but taking out enemy towers and bunkers reduces enemy reinforcements and undermines their boss.

Both teams quick aim to take out a mini-boss, two towers, and both bunkers in the enemy HQ before defeating the boss. It''s a rat race, with both teams seeing who can deng down the PvE elements the most quickly.

Enter the Russian meta and get what appears to be a different opposite to the European style. It starts immediately, with the participant team pulling headfirst into the other, blocking the race towards towers and waging a massive fight. Instead, you cant pass, and what was intended to be a five-minute battleground becomes a 40-minute brawl.

Sometimes I see them taking ambitions, but sometimes they will just farm kills at graveyards, according to Kirase on Mirage Raceway. They are one of several players jumping straight into AV once and again attempting to collect a full set of PvP gear. Theyve provided screenshots of waves of players all jumping ship the moment they realize theyve been caught on a russian Alterac Valley strategy.

This is not a fresh development in World of Warcraft PvP by any means. There are many posts on the playstyle on the playstyle that dive into the consequences of the resulting PvP controversy. It did not go out of mind for many players until Classic became available today, but Alterac Valley isn''t really as big as a deal in retail WoW nowadays. The tidal wave of new players got to experience Russian AV for the first time.

I climbed into some Alterac Valley last night, just to see how terrible it is. I was lucky enough to hit them on one of my first queues, breaking towards them, only to discover a wall of unmoving horde waiting for me. After only a minute, without any progress on their towers and a 30 minute+ brawl ahead of us, my team, and I all left.

The funny thing is that they arent doing anything wrong. In fact, if we were to poke through the minds of the original creators of Alterac Valley, these epic battles over dozens of minutes, slowly pushing back players towards towers you then need to siege, is likely what they had in mind all of those years ago. However, in the face of modern sensibilities and a substantial efficiency-minded community, the idea of sitting down and bashing your head against players for that long a time is not worth considering

What do you think? Have you ever experienced this alterac valley of metas, if so what do you think? Let us know below!

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