This June, the third eye open will be published on Paper Ghost Stories

This June, the third eye open will be published on Paper Ghost Stories

Chorus Worldwide and Cellar Vault Games have announced their next game,, will be available on PC in June. Ting, the latest installment in the series inspired by Malaysian and Chinese myths, will be taken on as you mature alongside Xiu, an spirit that only she can see. The game will be available for free starting on June 2nd.

Ting, a young Chinese-Malaysian girl, unknowingly breaches the spirit world. Whenever she enters the room, a child named Xiu observes herself, but other children notice him as a "weird" kid. Ting continues to pre-school and primary school, as she navigates the dangers of home life and the mysterious spirit world.

The emotional narrative reveals various themes, including Ting''s troubled house, haunted houses, and even nightmares. Interact with friends and family through a timed conversation system, which enrages disagreements and difficult questions. Interact with the world through a variety of minigames, ranging from assembling a barbecue platter during a camping trip to hiding from malevolent phantoms.

In a living "paper theatre" style inspired by paper puppetry, Southeast Asia''s shadow plays, haunts and charms in equal measure. Ting''s role in its salvation, and the haunted house at the core of everything. All in-game sounds were recorded on location in Malaysia, in areas such as the Taman area, local Ko Pi Tiam (coffee shops), and the Pasar Malam (night markets).

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