What Happened to The Walking Dead Finale Credits Scene? S11E17/S11E18 Overviews

What Happened to The Walking Dead Finale Credits Scene? S11E17/S11E18 Overviews

So we have a few quite good updates on AMC''s to reveal before we look back at the upcoming spinoff series. That includes new key art (you can see them below) as well as a look at the newest teaser for the long-running series'' final episodes. So, here''s how it gets underway, as long as we have episode overviews for S11E17 "Lockdown" and S11E18 "A New Deal," which give you some more clues. So let''s

Gimple said if there is a tag scene, then we''re up to some things, so maybe. "We''re aware that if there is one it''s expected to be a springboard for Norman Reedus'' Daryl Dixon spinoff. "There are a couple of possibilities," the caption said.

Daryl and Negan travel to the Commonwealth in an attempt to halt Hornsby from fleeing their families. Pamela is confronted with protestors demanding justice for Sebastian''s crimes. Rosita is required help in fighting a swarm, according to Greg Nicotero and is written by Joanne Ruchman.

Carol and Pamela make a deal to clean the slate on behalf of her friends. Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Elijah travel to Oceanside, where they can fulfill their dreams. Jeffrey F. January and written by Corey Reed and Kevin Deiboldt

We have some interesting updates on the spinoffs - thanks to an EW profile that was last week released. Reedus'' Daryl is heading to France; Andrew Lincoln''s Rick and Danai Gurira are also putting an end to the franchise''s biggest conspiracy. As well as some choice quotes, Melissa McBride''s Carol Peletier feels confident.

Daryl Dixon/France Spinoff

Reedus is planning a trip overseas for filming, and the spinoff will have a connection to the end credits scene from, which featured a video from Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich), a scientist killed over walkers, and yet another sign that there are a lot more kinds of walkers than people realize.

Reedus on TWD''s desire to make a show that went in the opposite direction: "We knew it. But it''s going to be much different. The actors are kind of different. There''s a different tone, there''s a different sound, and this is going to be frightening."

Dan McDermott, the president of AMC, offers a few remarks. The series will "follow Daryl as he wakes up and finds himself somewhere on the European continent and attempts to create ideas. What happened? How did he get here? How''s he going to get home?

The Walking Dead: Dead City

Morgan and Cohan are sounded as if filming is underway in New Jersey on the NYC-set spinoff:

TWD: "Negan and Maggie''s journey on the Ile of Manhattan, where the bridges and tunnels were broken up at the time of the pandemic, was highlighted. Now it''s a two-million walker-strong herd that is dominating the streets and making it treacherous and dangerous."

Morgan Returned because "The Story Was So Good": "If you had told me that a year ago, I''d said, ''There''s no way.'' I''ll proceed to stop this and walk away. I think that ''The Walking Dead'' ending and moving away would have been a fantastic experience for us all to do. But it was so good and so worth telling that it simply came down to, I couldn''t say no. And I felt so touched and wanted it to last.

"How Series Lets Them Explore Some "Dark" Places" Cohan: "Wow, you''ve been doing that show so long," says the author, adding, "And I hope I do it forever."

Morgan of TWD reminds me of the fact that ''Excitement and Fan Mania'' Surrounding Series were like a film. This reminds me very much of how I first met on ''The Walking Dead.'' It was an inkling of fan mania and excitement. So to have that again, it''s super cool.

Rick Grimes/Michonne Spinoff

One of the most important events to come out of this year''s San Diego Comic-Con, it''s important to note that despite how the series has been discussed, AMC does not label the project as a limited, one-season series.

McDermott explains why a Series Was Better Than a Film Trilogy: "It became clear the best, most epic story we could imagine, would be a multi-episode, six-hour long, epic love tale about these two different people discovering themselves, reconnecting, and returning to their families."

"I think it''s critical because Rick Grimes really is "The Walking Dead." It was his journey. It made me realize that ''The Walking Dead'' evolved into a slew of diverse activities. All of them very engaging and very touching, but the Rick Grimes of it really stands on its own. And I''m really excited about where it''s headed."

So Is Rick and/or Michonne likely to be in the Series Finale right? Showrunner and EP Angela Kang offered, "I can''t answer that question, but I appreciate you asking." TWD CCO Scott Gimple was more brutally honest, adding, "I''d never tell you that in a million years."

What''s the Future of Carol in the Walking Dead?

While rumors that McBride would not appear in the Daryl Dixon spinoff on overseas were endless, we really covered ideas that McBride is far from done with the role. However, according to what was initially revealed on Friday, those "hints" sound quite a little more clear.

"Their journey" is not over. They will meet down the road, and you can pretty much wager all your money. I read all these people whining about it, and I have to keep my mouth closed, but there will be a lot of foots in the mouths at some point."

Gimple Has Something More "Cool Carol Stories" in Mind: "We will be telling stories with each of them moving forward." I''ve never stopped talking to Melissa about this. I''m delighted by the idea of it, and I''m optimistic for the future of reading some fun Carol stories."

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