In a new gameplay video for Bayonetta 3, you can see Bayonetta and Viola in action

In a new gameplay video for Bayonetta 3, you can see Bayonetta and Viola in action

Bayonetta 3''s main witch in action is shown, as well as new character Viola in a new gameplay trailer.

Bayonetta will face Homunculi, a man-made bioweapons, as shown in today''s Nintendo Direct. Luka, Jeanne, and her new friends will join her.

The infernal demons are perhaps the greatest addition (literally) to combat this time.

Watch Bayonetta 3''s action gameplay on YouTube!

Bayonetta may summon demons against bosses in previous games. Now they''ll join her in combat directly, and will prove particularly useful during witch time. However, Bayonetta is exposed while summoning and susceptible to attacks.

She may use the Wink Slave move as a finisher to end combos and assault Slave to combat attack.

Bayonetta can channel the power of demons in her weapons, which will boost her appearance and will offer new capabilities. Some can be even used outside of the battle to help traverse.

The trailer for Viola provides a fresh look.

She''s a witch in her training and "holds the key to this story." She battles with a sword and magical darts so will feel different to Bayonetta.

She also may trigger witch time, but with perfect blocking rather than dodging. And as Bayonetta''s infernal demons, she may summon Cheshire to fight enemies, while she continues with fists and without witch time.

Finally, an additional accessory can be used to simplify combat to one button. Instead, putting the Immortal Marionette will allow players to focus more on the story.

On Switch, Bayonetta 3 will be released on 28th October.

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