Fans of EastEnders say Sharon deserves to be treated better as she vows to return to Phil

Fans of EastEnders say Sharon deserves to be treated better as she vows to return to Phil

After embarking on intense maneuvers to win Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) back and stop him from marrying Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) during the last nights episode, viewers believe Sharon Watts (Leitita Dean) deserves something better.

Sharon appears to be indifferent to Walford hardman Phil after all of his years, and in the last nightsSharon was determined to do so again before his wedding to Kat.

Sharon realized that Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) had a place in her heart for her previous love after trying to establish Sharon with a guy called Matt.

Sharon was not polite in conveying her thoughts when Phil was preparing to marry Kat.

This so-called wedding gift sat down as a 30-year anniversary of her and Phil!

Sharon confessed to Phil''s love, declaring, "I came to see if you knew that you had a choice between the woman you want and the woman you wanted."

Phil said, "Youre my best friend."

Sharon replies, "Youre mine."

I trust you in my life and I do, according to Phil.

I love you both. This house, you and Denny, is so wonderful to have him back together. Sharon expressed his gratitude.

Sharon''s happiness was roiled quickly when Phil said that he loved Kat and would marry her.

Later on, Zack Hudson (James Farrar) showed up at Kats, advising her that Sharon and Phil were meant to be together, and Kat rushed over to Phils.

Kat was dissatisfied with Sharon''s attempt to ruin her wedding day and discovered the photo Sharon had given Phil.

Sharon and the women were blaming each other in a bleak response, with Kat warning her to stay away.

As Sharon prepares for her wedding, it was evident that she was prepared for war to take back Phil no matter the cost.

Sharon''s reasserty attitude, and they believe she deserves to be better.

sharon was so sorry tonight, very out of character and desperate? Ar tish deserves better #EastEndersSeptember 12, 2022

Why are #Eastenders still making Sharon feel so much obsessed with Phil even after all of these years? She''s literally got absolutely nothing else going on now Jada & Alyssa''s gone. She''s even running his club. She deserves so much better. Phil isn''t even hotSeptember 13, 2022.

Poor Sharon who sees kat and Phil kissing Sharon deserves more than that potato and the square cheering for Phil and a banner too, but over the top innit #eastendersSeptember 12, 2022

Sharon #EastEnders is a second hand embarrassment on September 12, 2022.

On BBC One, tonight is a rehearsal.

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