spoilers for Emmerdale: Leyla Cavanagh, a strung out, has become sober

spoilers for Emmerdale: Leyla Cavanagh, a strung out, has become sober

In Wednesday''s episode, Leyla Cavanagh, a''secret druggie doctor,'' appears to be on her best friend (ITV, 7.30pm) (see our TV Guide for complete information).

Leyla Cavanagh''s secret life is starting to manifest real problems, but she simply cannot see it.

To reclaim the guilt of everything she''s had with her GP husband Liam, whose teenage daughter Leanna was murdered last year, and she''s taken care of drugs.

A wild night out here and there, with workmate Suzy, has got Leyla hooked on coke, and she is just unable to get enough of getting high.

When Suzy started seeing Vanessa and became involved in life in Emmerdale, things got tricky for Leyla. However, Leyla soon learned of Suzy''s worries that she would let her secret slip and was grateful for the fact that she now has medicines.

Suzy decided to put his teases in the dark while focusing on Vanessa.

Suzy is refusing to supply Leyla with any more coke, so the doctor''s wife is beginning to feel really anty and strung out.

When Leyla finds out she''s disturbed several individuals at work, she''s in a terrible mood and flips out at Priya.

Take A Vow, a newspaper executive who appears to be working on their wedding planning business, after slamping out her incredible best friend.

Leyla is utterly dissatisfied with a fix when Suzy pulls off. And when Suzy nips off, Leyla can''t stop herself rifling through her friend''s handbag, hoping to find some coke in the Hide.

Suzy, who is absolutely disgusted, gets caught red-handed to her horribly.

Suzy has made some revelations about Leyla, who does not realize she is addicted to the drug.

Leyla stumbles back to Take A Vow only to discover Priya feeling dissatisfied and alone.

Priya''s self-conscious self-conscious worries over her burn scars have erupted.

Priya, a tense Priya, has to get a hug, but Leyla just tears out of her for taking the opportunity to get some great free publicity.

Leyla, who is usually her friend, has a lot of difficulty developing.

Will Leyla come up with herself and get help?

On ITV, the week will be continued until 7.30pm.

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