Release date, cast, plot, first look, and all of the BBC and Netflix thriller Inside Man

Release date, cast, plot, first look, and all of the BBC and Netflix thriller Inside Man

A BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning writer based in England and Ireland has created a upcoming BBC and Netflix miniseries ().

Moffat''s relationship with David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, has been first announced, starting March 2021. Together, they researched several of the most well-known episodes of including and management.

This is how Moffat''s previous work seems to differ. It follows three individuals from three different backgrounds of life and will see how their lives cross paths...

Everything we know so far about this week is clear.

Inside Man release date

The Autumn TV schedule for 2022 is a large part of the BBC1 on Monday September 26 at 9pm with subsequent episodes starting on Tuesday September 27 then the following Monday and Tuesday. The drama will be available on Netflix in the United States at a later date.

How many episodes of Inside Man are there?

Four episodes are long, and each episode will last 60 minutes.

Inside Man cast

Steven Moffat has created a massive cast for his new series. As Jefferson Grieff, a US prisoner on death row who is the titular "Inside Man," American director and actor Stanley Tucci leads the cast.

David Tennant () was joined by ''''Sidi West and Dolly Wells'' in the original cast announcement.

We recently learned that Lyndsey Marshal (), Atkins Estimond (), Mark Quarterly (), Tilly Vosburgh (), Louis Oliver (), Kate Dickie () and Dylan Baker will be shown in the show!

"This is the best ensemble we have ever had the chance to collaborate with," Steven Moffat, who plays the executive director of Hartswood Films, said. "It''s a pleasure to see scripts come to life as well."

Inside Man plot

The plot of the show is limited as everything has been kept tightly under wraps so far.

When the episode was initially announced, Netflix''s Chris Sussman said, "it''s impossible to say too much about without giving away spoilers," and the director of BBC Drama Piers Wenger said, "everything is in place for a series that will be gripped."

The show focuses on a prisoner on death row in the United States (the "inside man"), a vicar in a charming English town, and a maths teacher who has somehow ended up in a cellar, and whom life will somehow unfold in the most unexpected way possible.

In the first-look photographs below, you can see a few of the cast in action.

Who''''s directing Inside Man?

Paul McGuigan, a Scottish film and television producer, has directed all four episodes of the show. He has previously directed and the BAFTA-nominated film.

Is there a trailer?

Not yet. As soon as we got some first-look photos on October 21, we might see a trailer in the near future.

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