James on The Great British Bake Off in 2022? What you need to know is

James on The Great British Bake Off in 2022? What you need to know is

Is the season comeback with a fresh batch of bakers ready to show the country what they can prepare in the kitchen, including James. But who will be cooking up a storm in the famous white tent, and who will be suffering from a bad bottom or two?

James is one of the 12 bakers from 2022 (or if you live in the United States!) and here''s all you need to know about him...

Who is James from the Great British Bake Off?

James, a Cumbriabut nuclear scientist, moved to England after graduating from the University.

He is a self-proclaimed board-game fan and loves horror films from the 1970s and 80s. A music fan, he reflect in his baking style; which now is significantly improved than he was in his childhood when he was burning pancakes in his mothers kitchen!

He enjoys baking with the technical flair, but when he makes his own, he creates his own, with his signature child-friendly horror style and adorable decoration.

He''s influenced by far everything from autumnal yee, such as mixed spice, apples, and caramel.

James often shares his extraordinary Halloween-inspired bakes on social media. He''s available here: @the_biggay_baker (opens in a new tab).

On The Great British Bake Off, how old is James?

James is 25 years old.

Who else will take part in The Great British Bake Off in 2022?

  • Janusz, Headteacher PA, 34
  • Syabira, Cardiovascular Researcher, 32
  • Dawn, IT Manager, 60
  • Will, Former Charity Director, 45
  • Abdul, Electronics Engineer, 29
  • Carole, Supermarket Cashier, 59
  • Maisam, Student and Sales Assistant, 18
  • Kevin, Music Teacher, 33
  • Sandro, Nanny, 30
  • Maxy, Architectural Assistant, 29
  • Rebs, Masters Student, 23

How to watchThe Great British Bake of2022

On Channel 4, 2022, started on Tuesday, September 13, at 8 pm, and is now available on All4. The show will now air every Tuesday evening in the same time slot.

The first season of the series will be released on Netflix in the United States (opens in a new tab) and starts on Friday, September 16, with fresh episodes coming every Friday.

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