Kyle and Kathy end their Aspen vacation in a large battle, according to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle and Kathy end their Aspen vacation in a large battle, according to the Real Housewives of Bever

In this week''s episode, there was so much drama that it''s been added.

The ladies of season 12 left Aspen, Colorado, warm during the snowy seasons. At least some of the drama was focused on an unexpected source: Kathy Hilton.

After a terrible night for Erika Jayne, she decided to pack up her stuff at Kyle Richards house and bunk up with Diana Jenkins at a hotel. Now the group was divided into three groups: Kyle, Lisa Rinna, and Crystal Kung Minkoff at the rented house; and Dorit Kemsley, Erika and Diana at the hotel.

Kyle introduced women to Kemo Sabe, an upscale western wear store, where they wore their own hats. During the dinner, Kathy said she wanted to get a little shot of 818 Tequila, which she said was just fine. I cannot ****ing believe what she just said.

Lisa Rinna said she wanted to try Kendall Jenner''s 818 tequila in front of Kathy was preempted to get under her skin, and Kathy knows it #RHOBHSeptember 15, 2022

Kathy was utterly dissatisfied with that Lisa was requesting help from other companies when she realized that she was being attempting to promote her own. In a whisper, Kathy wrote to Kyle and then to Sutton and Garcelle, but said she didnt want to make a big issue out of it. She was also dissatisfied with the fact that her sister didn''t say anything to Lisa about it. Kathy was completely chastised by leaving the store without saying anything to Kyle.

Kyle is more sad Dorit will not come back but her sister was stormed off and she doesn''t care?! #RHOBHSeptember 15, 2022

Dorit, Erika, and Diana arrived at a restaurant for food and drinks. Dorit said she felt too sorry leaving Erika after her heated chat with Kemo Sabe. Kyle explained to Dorit that she would be horrified by the incident. This evening, Kyle revealed that she would be hurt because she didn''t come back to her house.

Lisa decided to go with Dorit, Erika, and Diana to try and bring the group back together. Here''s what I want to offer tonight, and I believe this is what we need to do tonight, so that everyone can sit together and speak calmly about Lisa. What could possibly happen?

The women were ready for their last night in Aspen, which would involve going out to a country western bar. Dorit arrived before talking, but Kyle was still in the middle. However, she said, I won''t be afraid to stand in the middle. After a little pep talk, Kyle was able to help them understand what''s important.

All of the ladies and we mean of them met for the final night at Silver City Mountain Saloon. Kyle approached Erika at the bar in all honesty. It was evident that the two didn''t completely see eye-to-eye. However, they hugged it out and made up.

Next Week, Kathy vs Lisa Lemme Me Get My Popcorn Ready For Next Week #RHOBHSeptember 15, 2022

Kyle brought Erika to another bar at 12:14 am. What happened inside? After all, Erika was screaming and crying. She was found locked in my room. And finally: Feeling the sorrow that just came out of her to her sister at 12:53 am. I am still alive, followed by heart emojis.

Bravo, we were officially on the edge of our seats.

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