Things You Didn't Know About Nicholas Ralph the TV Show

Things You Didn't Know About Nicholas Ralph the TV Show

Grace to his role as James Herriot in the new adaptation of the iconic series, Nicholas Ralph has become a household name.

Nicholas appeared in television and tv before joining the legendary period vet drama, which was founded on Alf Wight''s books and originally appeared on the BBC from 1978 to 1990.

Nicholas is back for season 3, but what else is there to learn about the actor behind the vet from the Yorkshire Dales?

Nicholas Ralph isn''''t actually Scottish

While Nicholas grew up in the Scottish Highlands, he was actually born in Cape Town. He not only spent his early life in South Africa, but he also had family in Georgia and Texas, meaning he spent much of his childhood visiting the United States.

With his co-star Rachel Shenton, he gets on amazing speed.

Nicholas, who was asked by about his friendship with his All Creatures great and Small co-star Rachel Shenton, revealed that they have a great bond: "We always aim to make each other laugh, or do a silly voice."

With the animals on the set, he''s had some big shaves.

Nicholas speaks forth that he was aware of the dangers of working with children and animals in the past. Last year, Jester the bull who was two tonnes and the size of a shed. This series we have Monty the bull who is still from the same lineage and the same breeders. He''s still a big dude. I had to learn how to ring his nose. It''s sometimes quite intimidating for bigger animals, but they are able to do everything at ease.

He compared playing football to being an actor.

Nicholas believes that since he was growing up doing a lot of football, he has discovered a lot of similarities between football and programming a television program.

"I was often than not captain of the football team as well, and I loved that and its something I really missed." But then being one of the main characters (in ) I felt really about that, and then being one of the most important people in the game. I loved that, and then attempting to bring everybody together, and I found something that I thought I would never encounter again since playing football."

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He grew up surrounded by farm animals

Nicholas has a relationship with animals on screen as vet James Herriot isn''t just for show, but he was living in a pretty large garden in the Scottish Highlands.

"When we were young, the farmer would lift us onto the back of one cow and take us through the length of the garden, which is quite sweet. Other times there were cows that had broken out and they would be lurking in your garden, munching the flowers."

For James Herriot''s role, he had to perform a''vet bootcamp.''

While knowing one end of a cow from the other before getting the role, Nicholas told Town and Country that he was on a vet bootcamp when filming began: ''It''s still allowed,'' he said, because the laws for animal rights have changed in the last 75 years, so now you can''t do anything one, the animal does not require, and two, you''re not trained to do.''

Nicholas Ralph''''s fact file

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the actor...

Nicholas was born on April 13 in 1990, and he has now passed 32 years old.

Nicholas Ralph was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

No, Nicholas isn''t married.

No, Nicholas does not have any children.

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