Season 1 winners of The Challenge: USA Season 1 includes recaps of the competition series, and all that we know about it

Season 1 winners of The Challenge: USA Season 1 includes recaps of the competition series, and all t

The long-time reality series that became synonymous with MTV was aired on CBS, pulling contestants from the CBS reality world. This world of course includes shows like r, (seasons 1-3) and.

Two winners were finally crowned after a slew of engulfed challenges and manipulative mind games.

Here''s all we know about this website.

Who won The Challenge: USA season 1?

Danny and Sarah win the grand prize in a potentially twisty season. They''re actually the only ones who finish the final challenge.

The Challenge: USA season 1 cast

Starts with 28 competitors. Check out those who are brave enough to take on this year''s demanding competition.

The Challenge: USA episode recaps

T.J. Lavin, who plays in episode 1, highlights the difficult competition that gets ahead (which sounds ominous considering some of the contestants come from) and informs them that each receives $1,000 in his/her personal bank account, and they will need to accumulate at least $5,000 to qualify for the final, which they can do by winning challenges and/or eliminations.

The players must overcome a series of equations while repelling down a 22-story building. If their math is incorrect, they have to return to the ground and start again, and pairs will be allowed three attempts. (Were exhausted.) They will save themselves from being eliminated and earn $5,000. Tyson () and Angela () turn out to be the winners.

Tyson and Angela decided to send Cely () and Javonny () to compete against this weeks challenge losers Kyland () and Azah () in the arena. In the end, Kyland and Azah send the castmates home and win $1,000. T.J. will send the remaining contestants the Algorithm to their next partners.

Episode 2: Xavier and Azah; Cashel and Tiffany; Domenick and Shannon; Ben and Shan; Cinco and Cashay; Enzo and Alyssa; Danny and Desi; Kyland and Sarah; Derek and Tasha; Cayla and James; Tyson and Justine; Leo and Angela.

The day ahead of Scrabble''s challenge involves a race into the water, climb up a ladder, and jump onto moving buoys that are suspended in the air, all in an attempt to collect letters from the buoys, resulting in a winning performance. In the end, Tyson wins his second straight challenge with his new partner Justine.

Tyson and Justine have had the tough task of naming a pair for elimination. After a few conversations with James and Cayla, who are already going into the elimination round after losing the challenge, they decided to nominate Cashel and Tiffany. In the end, Cashel and Tiffany are the pair sent home. The second episode sees J. firing up the Algorithm to assign new partners.

The Algorithm performs its job and assigns the following pairings: Derek and Shan; Ben and Kyra; Enzo and Shannon; Kyland and Angela; Domenick and Cashay; Danny and Azah; Tyson and Alyssa; Cinco and Sarah; Leo and Justine; and James and Tasha.

The day is a complicated form of hangman. Essentially, the pairs have to construct a staircase. Each partner receives a rod on their back, then ten pounds are added to the rod on the other partners back. Whichever team guesses the phrase correctly, the pair is automatically eliminated, so Kyland and Angela win.

James and Tasha take on the exit games with Domenick and Cashay (Angela and Kylands choice for the week) as the official losers of the challenge. Although the battle was tough, James and Tasha are eliminated.

Episode 4: Danny and Kyra; Derek and Cayla; Domenick and Angela; Leo and Desi; Kyland and Alyssa; Enzo and Cashay; and Xavier and Shan, as well as Cinco and Shannon. Before the challenge begins, there is a bit of scheming going on.

The day''s challenge is trivia. Not just boring trivia, as teams will have a 150-foot freefall when wrong answers arise. As David and Justine lose, they are headed straight to elimination.

Following the challenge, some significant strategizing is taking place. Alyssa''s intention to rid him is clear. While most are unaware, it is important for Alyssa to eliminate Xavier and Shan, causing him to faceoff with David and Justine.

Although Xavier is usually a great player when it comes to puzzles, which the elimination game tends to be, he and Shan are losing in defeat to David and Justine.

Episode 5 The new pairings for this week were revealed to be Danny and Angela, Derek and Cayla, Tyson and Cashay, Enzo and Kyra, Kyland and Shannon, Domenick and Desi, Cinco and Azah, Ben and Justine and Leo and Sarah. But behind the scenes machinations continue as Survivor alums try to enlist Tyson as an alliance.

The new teams must swim to a buoy, memorize a code, then swim to a cargo ship, find a barrel with the same code, and put together a puzzle, all while making sure they don''t open the wrong barrel or be forced to swim back to the buoy and start again. Azah, Leo, and Enzo both have a major disadvantage.

Tyson and Cashay finish first despite their struggles. Cinco and Azah finish in last place and found themselves in elimination. Tyson and Cashay now have to choose who is confronted with Cinco and Azah in elimination, and they prefer Sarah and Leo.

The teams teamed up to make different size film reels in order on two poles, one in the light and the other in the dark. Sarah and Leo have a solid strategy of attempting to memorize the film reels'' size in the light before going into the dark room. Cinco and Azah get to work together quickly so they can minimize the task.

The Algorithm starts off a brand new set of pairings, including Danny and Alyssa; Kyland and Cashay; Tyson and Kyra; Ben and Sarah; David and Desi; Domenick and Angela; and Enzo and Justine. Also, during the weeks challenge, Tysons partner Kyra isn''t in the best shape after throwing up the night before.

The day''s challenge is for the teams to jump into the water and climb ladders attached to four containers suspended 25 feet above the water. They must then swing each container in an effort to see all the different colored symbols painted on the top and inside of them. Finally, theyll use the key and the number of symbols they counted to solve their math problem.

Desi and David finish the day on the top as the victors for the day after a gruesome competition for all the competitors. In the elimination Challenge, they choose Derek and Shannon to go up against the days losers Enzo and Justine.

Enzo and Justine advance following a twisted spelling bee of sorts that saw the two teams stack 60 tires, effectively sending Derek and Shannon home.

The following are the new pairings for this week, following the Algorithm: David and Cashay; Kyland and Kyra; Leo and Alyssa; Domenick and Cayla; Tyson and Sarah; Enzo and Angela; and Ben and Desi. Given the tension between Sarah and Tyson at the moment, it is almost comical that they have been paired together. However, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

This episode focuses on a spectacular bumper car. Each team must drive around in a vehicle with four large balls attached to the outside. The team must try their best to avoid being hit by competitors because the aim is to be the team with the most remaining balls attached to the vehicle, or an operational vehicle if no ball is left. This intriguing game results a winning team in Cayla and Domenick, and a losing team in Alyssa and Leo.

Cayla and Domenick pick Kyland and Kyra to face off against Leo and Alyssa in the elimination contest. After a difficult battle that required insight and courage to tackle heavy medicine balls, Leo and Alyssa emerged triumphant, sending Kyland and Kyra home.

The Algorithm system has passed. We aren''t quite sure what it means for future partnerships.

This week, the sequel to Episode 8 The Algorithm is out this week, and now the contestants are forced to compete as individuals. Tyson isn''t as thrilled by this news because he feels he has now moved to enemy number one and has a target on his back. Ben wants to work with Tyson to ensure they both make it to the final.

The players are required to walk across a slippery runway in an attempt to retrieve four keys to unlock a safe. This week, the girls are safe from elimination, and two, as players are running the other contestants, spraying water at them. Ben is the winner for the week, and Angela is the woman with the fastest time.

Ben and Angela have decided to send Leo into the challenge to face Enzo. Enzo brims Leo, and Leo is sent home.

Episode 9 of today''s challenge, there''s one thing completely clear. Both Sarah and Danny don''t have the money to qualify for the finale, so every remaining challenge is a must-win for them.

The contestants arrive at a football stadium and must comb through the seats to find their colored tokens and place four of them in a row on a board. However, any player can stop another player from getting four in a row by putting a black token on the board to the bottom. It''s basically Connect Four, which means that Danny gets his first win, while Desi is the first to win among the ladies.

Sarah, the losing mother for the week, has gone through the elimination challenge with Danny and Desis pick, Cashay. This is Sarah''s pick that she is completely unfavorable about as she wanted to battle it out with Alyssa or Angela. Sarah continues to win the elimination challenge, but is sure to add an irritating flare while doing so.

Episode 10 It looks like Sarah is joining the Fab Five group and only plans to look out for Cayla, Justine, and herself. At this point, only those three may be concerned about the Fab Five''s dissolution. In other news, Ben and Enzo seem to be moving right along in their unconventional partnership. So what''s the goal?

The contestants must face off with each other in the weeks challenge as they each use pegs to climb the length of a wall attached to a moving semi-truck. However, if no one completes the challenge in three minutes, then the two who qualify will be Angela and Ben. David is deemed this week loser and starts the game.

Ben sends Enzo to the elimination round because Angela cant be confused into choosing another male contestant. This cant be beneficial for Ben and Enzo''s alliance. Fortunately for fans, Ben and Enzo will get to see how Ben and Enzo interact next week as the latter is able to defeat David to stay in the competition. Enzo has actually spent the most money in the house.

Episode 11 In an epic two-hour finale, the first challenge for the night involves contestants to swim across a lake in the dark to an abandoned area. While in the town, they must then solve puzzles so they can collect tokens and tires worth points. The winner wins, and the final woman enters a semifinal round.

Tyson and Dom are the two winning guys of the challenge, while the winning woman is Sarah. Despite Tyson''s decision to send Cayla into the elimination game to face off with the challenge loser Angela, Dom and Sarah have been overruled by Alyssa, who opt instead. Alyssa loses and is sent home.

Ben is medically disqualified for an injury he had previously suffered. As the other contestants face the challenge, the Algorithm has teamed up with teams to make it to checkpoints along the way. Danny/Cayla, Dom/Angela, Tyson/Justine, Enzo/Desi, and Sarah go it alone until the first checkpoint.

After checking into four checkpoints, each time the players drawing a new partner, the last leg of the game requires each player to compete as an individual. This is where things get interesting. Danny and (not frontrunner Tyson) are only two individuals capable to complete the course. Both both have a greater share of the $500,000 to share, but also the majority of other quitting competitors.

The Challenge: USA eliminations

Cely and Javonny () Week 1

Cashel and Tiffany () in Week 2

James () and Tasha () will meet in Week 3 of the United Nations.

Xavier and Shan () during Week 4

Cinco () and Azah () are on week 5 in the sun.

Derek () and Shannon( ) are in Week 6 of the United States.

Kyland () and Kyra () Week 7

Week 8 ()

Cashay, week 9

David () Week 10

The Challenge: USA premise

Paramount describes the brand-new iteration of as the following:

"The all-star group of players who will face the new challenge includewinners Tyson Apostol, Ben Driebergen, and Sarah Lacina, as well as Xavier Prather, winner James Wallington, and Justine Ndiba. However, players have demonstrated they can''outwit, outlast, and outplay, and''expect the unexpected,'' but now they will compete in the most deadly mental and physical events they have ever encountered.

"Every episode, the CBS reality titans get $1,000 to begin their individual challenge accounts, and they quickly discover they must keep track of their rewards and avoid losing them. This will not be a difficult task, as they will be paired with a randomly selected competitor every episode, making alliances and strategies more difficult than ever. Players will be in a state of panic, unable to trust anyone other than themselves.

"Plus, out of the prize money, the cast of the group will be competing for a spot on (working title) that will be available exclusively on Paramount Plus."

The Challenge: USA season 1 host

T.J. Lavin has been based in for over 20 years, starting in 2005. With that being said, he appears to be only responsible for the new broadcast version of the series.

The Challenge: USA trailer

As we look at the woes ahead for contestants, we must understand whether the alums have a bit of a competitive advantage here.

According to a Entertainment Weekly interview, former cast members of are to be believed, they are the ones to watch out for during the new season. A few of them believe they have what it takes to win. Also, read on the site what they know about their strengths and pet peeves ahead of the new season.

How to watch The Challenge: USA

CBS on Tuesday nights in the United States. CBS is a network that can be seen on live-streaming platforms like FuboTV, Hulu, and Live TV. Paramount Plus also has an exclusive feature of live episodes of the program.

Are you someone who prefers to watch a series at your leisure? Paramount Plus will also allow subscribers to watch the series on demand.

If you live in the United Kingdom and want to watch the series, we believe it will be available to watch on Paramount Plus as the streaming service launches in the country on June 22.

A VPN or virtual private network is another excellent method of seeing CBS reality shows in the United Kingdom.

By changing your IP address, a VPN allows you to see your favorite TV shows even if you''re going to be away.

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