The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone: The Rolling Stones, The Cast, The Trailer, and everything we know about it

The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone: The Rolling Stones, The Cast, The Trailer, and everything we know ab

Georgie Stone, an Australian actress, writer, and transgender teenager, recounts her life experiences from being a child to making history as a transgender activist.

Her award-winning campaign saw her support for LGBTIQ+ students, change the law about access to affirming medical treatment, birth certificate reforms, and many more.

In 2019, Georgie joined Mackenzie Hargreaves'' cast of the long-running soap, where she became the first transgender actor to have a permanent role as a main cast member in Australian television history.

On, Georgie explains the point behind the film: "For me, this film is about taking the power back." I am grateful and grateful to older generations of trans people who created a more accepting world where young people like myself can become our true self.

"Whilst this story is my own unique personal experience, our communities are rich with diversity, and the trans experience has been a part of our First Nations peoples history for an enormous time."

Everything we know about it...

When will Georgie Stone''s Dreamlife be released?

The set of titles will be available on Netflix globally on Thursday, September 22.

What is The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone about?

The empowering documentary focuses on Georgie Stone, a transgender actress and activist, who changes laws, affirms her gender, learns her voice, and blossoms into adulthood.

Georgie has written a perfect outline of exactly what the personal film is about, and how it can assist other trans persons... "In, I want to depict my journey from a kid who felt so isolated and alone to a young lady who is finally asserting control of her life, her body, her story. I want to show people what it takes to have a supportive family, and what it can do for a trans person.

"I want people to see the trans experience as non black-and-white, but multi-faceted. It is lonely and difficult, but also euphoric and beautiful. Sometimes we are so proud to be ourselves we might explode! And most importantly, I want other trans people to see that they have a future."

Who is in The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone?

Georgie Stone is mainly focused on her father, Greg Stone, her mother, Rebekah Robertson, and her twin brother Harry in the film.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, you can see the inspiring video below, where it''s revealed that Georgie''s female identity became apparent at a young age.

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