Summary of Southern Charm: Craig blasts Naomie for the group trip

Summary of Southern Charm: Craig blasts Naomie for the group trip

The group is back together in one setting on season 8, episode 13. After an eye-opening girls night and an expensive gentlemens dinner.

Last week, it was discovered that Shep Roses Raya''s dating profile was still live. He must have told his girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, because the two openly discussed it in front of cameras. Youe a loser for being 40 years old being on a dating website, Taylor said. However, I am not on it. As an outsider, Taylor appeared to fully believe him. It doesn''t appear that it shook their relationship all the time.

Austen Kroll met up with Taylor at a clothing store while she was shopping for the crews'' upcoming trip to St. Simons Island in Georgia. Taylor revealed how she thinks Shep has built up walls over time, and how sometimes he attacks him. Austen disagreed, implying that being mean to your partner is not because someone has built walls.

This is the day when the conversation took a turn and Austen became emotional. You are no longer like Sheps girlfriend to me, you know, like I love you. Taylor, the way that he talks to you sometimes breaks my ****ing heart. Austens pointed out that he didnt want Taylor to justify Sheps actions every time something happened and then he does not have any consequences. But it''s going to have to change here, and if it fails, then Im going to have to walk away.

I really enjoy Austen and Taylors relationship, but I think it''s a romantic one and he truly cares about her like a big brother and wants to protect her and her happy. Remember he has a little sister so it might come naturally #SouthernCharmSeptember 16, 2022

Shep, Austen, and Olivia Flowers spent a three-hour trip to St. Simons Island. Their conversation centered on Taylor and Shep. He said, ''I kinda want her to quit her job,'' and Austen jumped in. He claimed that it had nothing to do with control, and that he wanted Taylor to be able to travel around the world. Do we see any relationship between Shep and Austen here?

After quite uneven (drama-wise) games, Austen used the time as an opportunity to fill Craig Conover on how Shep wanted Taylor to quit her job. This is standard textbook control, Craig said. It''s starting to come to an end where we cant negate what''s going on anymore. Shep is financially well-off, so Taylor would depend on him for money.

When his close friends tell you to run Taylor #SouthernCharm September 16, 2022, it''s BAD.

After her goodbyes, everyone seemed to be having fun with their side conversations and jokes. When Naomie mentioned that she had to be better at acknowledging waitresses, because it seemed like theirs was getting uncomfortable. How many years did you serve? Craig dismissed his ex-girlfriend, Naomie was shocked by how she got involved in the fight. Austen dismissed her and said she never worked in food and bev.

Craig is still fond of Naomi, and his painfully obvious #SouthernCharmSeptember 16, 2022

After arriving late to the trip, Whitney Sudler-Smith got a lot of attention. Craig took several back-to-back shots, then contacted Naomie, claiming that she was disgruntled. If Leva [Bonaparte] hadnt told her that you said really mean things about me at the Friendsgiving, then Craig rose. But then, Craigs rose. Now, move on with your ****ing life. Seriously. Make yourself sick when you get out of bed.

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