The Wonder's release date, cast, plot, first look, and more on the historical Florence Pugh film

The Wonder's release date, cast, plot, first look, and more on the historical Florence Pugh film

Florence Pugh, who plays Lib Wright, an English nurse who trained under Florence Nightingale, has been described as a miracle as a tourist attraction. However, this is how the cast in a Netflix movie set in Ireland in 1862 (opens in a new tab). Lib Wright, an English nurse, is said to be able to observe a 11-year-old girl who is said to have survived without eating any food for months. The girl has been described as a miracle and has become a

So here''s all you need to know about the Netflix psychological period drama.

The Wonder release date

From Friday November 16 2022, the film will be available on Netflix worldwide. It had previously had its first appearance at the Toronto Film Festival on Tuesday, September 13 2022.

Is there a trailer for The Wonder?

There isn''t a trailer yet for yet, but as soon as Netflix has released one good one, you can leave it on this page.

The Wonder plot

In 1862, a sceptical English nurse Lib Wright (Florence Pugh) is called to a tiny village to witness and validate what some are calling a miracle. A deeply religious 11-year-old girl, Anna ODonnell (Kila Lord Cassidy) is said to have survived for months without food, only living on manna from heaven. Tourists have flocked to Annas cabin and a journalist is reporting the story, but it is all as it appears.

As Lib and a nun discover if she is actually eating, and if not how she can survive without food, she becomes desperate to see the truth. But soon she and Anna become close and their left to Lib to recover from this miracle or leave Anna''s life unpredictable.

The Wonder cast Florence Pugh as Lib Wright

Florence Pugh will play Lib, an English nurse who appeared in the acclaimed film in 2016 and that same year. In 2018, she appeared in the 2019 wrestling film. She has since played Amy in and starred in films and. In 2022, she will appear in the film with Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde.

Who else is starring in The Wonder?

Tom Burke (Strike, Mank) will play William Byrne, while Josie Walker, who plays Sister Michael and Kila Lord Cassidy, will also play Anna. and star Toby Jones, and actress Niamh Algar, and co-star David Wilmot also feature. Elaine Cassidy, Dermot Crowley, Brian F O''Byrne, and David Wilmot both play in the Wonder.

The real-life inspirationbehind The Wonder

Emma Donoghues 2016 novel (opens in a new tab) was inspired by a real-life phenomenon known as the fasting girls. These were girls, reported across Europe, who claimed they didn''t need food to live well. Sarah Jacob, a 19th century Welsh 12-year-old who died of hunger and her parents were convicted of manslaughter.

In the mid-1990s, I was instantly intrigued by these cases, which resembled medieval saints starving as an act of penance and also modern anorexics, but weren''t exactly the same as either.

In many Western countries, from the sixteenth century through to the twentieth, these girls became celebrities by not eating. However, I never found one real case that rang me away, telling me this was the story I had to tell in a novel. Finally, I realized that if I was still so fascinated by the Fasting Girls, I should abandon my usual approach of constructing a historical novel based on a real case.

All about The Wonder author Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghues'' debut novel has sold more than two million copies in 2015, after winning an Oscar for the best actress for the role. She played a woman in captivity for seven years, who has a child while in prison. Emma has also written (opens in new tab) and a number of historical novels.

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