At Amazon rightnow, save 40 bucks on the powerful SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard

At Amazon rightnow, save 40 bucks on the powerful SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting a look at an excellent deal from Amazon on the Corsair K100. Now it looks like Amazon is throwing all the best gaming keyboard deals at once, as they''re glad to deal with it once again!

This time, it''s a substantial 20% discount on the SteelSeries Apex Pro, which is now available for 159.99, at its lowest price for a few weeks. Make no bones about it, the Apex Pro is still an expensive gaming keyboard, but in the face of what you''re getting, it''s a huge deal.

The iconic feature here is its OLED screen on the right hand corner, which allows you to see in-game stats, Discord notifications, and your currently-playing music at a glance. I''ve used the Apex Pro in the past, and its OLED screen is an especially functional part of the ''board,'' which hasn''t really been seen since the days of the old Logitech G15.

The Apex Pro is a fantastic keyboard with a purported aircraft-grade aluminium alloy frame and a comfortable palm rest that makes long typing or gaming pleasant. There are also several nice creature comforts here, like convenient cable routing options on the board and a USB pass-through port. SteelSeries really did think of everything with the Apex Pro.

It''s not a surprise that the OLED screen ends with, as the Apex Pro also has switches with an adjustable actuation point. In other words, there''s room for everything from a very short 0.4mm distance to a more deep 3.6mm, 90 percent of the overall switch travel, and it''s a great way to be creative and with different profiles in software. This is a fantastic achievement, given that both gamers and generalists are aware of what I did with it.

The Apex Pro, which has some of the most impressive and powerful lighting available on a board today, is a more than well-known tool for designing both lighting and the adjustable actuation points.

A Apex Pro from Amazon is a powerful endgame keyboard for those who desire to get the competitive advantage, and you''ll get an amazing set of features for a fraction of your cost.

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