AtAmazon, Razer's Nommo gaming speakers are a third-off

AtAmazon, Razer's Nommo gaming speakers are a third-off

A good set of speakers may be a great addition to your work or gaming experience, allowing you to give your head and ears a break from wearing headphones without compromising what you''re listening to.

If you''re looking for a fresh pair of speakers that will deliver all of your games, televisions, music, and movies, then Razer''s Nommo 2.0 speakers are a great option, and they''re discounted by 33 per cent right now.

Razer Nommo - 2.0 Gaming Speakers- 60 at Amazon (was 90)

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The Razer Nommo provides ultra-clear and sharp sound thanks to the custom woven glass fibre 3-inch drivers. This glass fibre inside the speaker cones have a detrimental effect on the vibrations, making it easier to hear distinct audio layers and details.

The Nommos will be a hit for you, with rear-facing bass ports and one system that allows you to customize the output with ease, and you won''t have to worry about distortion as a result of the automatic gain control.

The Nommos are very easy to set up as well, they connect to your PC via USB and then can be easily controlled thanks to the easy-to-access 3.5mm headphone jack and main volume and bass volume controls right on the speaker, thus there is no need to mess around with audio settings in your computer or to keep going under your desk to plug things in.

The Nommo speakers are striking design, with a sleek black jet-engine design that will certainly stand out on your desk. They measure 220mm in diameter and 135mm long, which is also important for speakers but they will look as good as they sound.

There are a lot of different types of speakers out there, such as shapes and sizes, that focus on different things to produce a unique sound. Digital Foundry provides a comprehensive guide on the best gaming speakers that may assist you in explaining what you should look out for.

If you''re looking for some gaming speakers, the Razer Nommos are a great budget option, especially given the 33 per cent discount they have right now. Razer has a variety of features that you may add to your desk to make it extra snazzy, like the Razer BlackWidow V3 keyboard which is currently on sale for 109 on Amazon.

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