Currys Black Friday Deals for 2022: Here's what you should expect

Currys Black Friday Deals for 2022: Here's what you should expect

Currys is a popular UK retailer for anything technology related, as well as a wide range of TV and audio, PC, and gaming goods. During sales, they have excellent year-round deals and significant discounts, therefore Black Friday 2022 will be no different.

Last year, there were some great deals on 4K televisions, laptops, games, gaming accessories, smart tech, cameras, and more. This year Black Friday will be cancelled until November, and we''re excited to see lots of Currys Black Friday deals, including discounts on Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch OLED consoles now that stock has stabilized.

As we hear more about the upcoming Currys Black Friday sale and when early Black Friday Currys deals start to appear, we''ll also be gearing up for the 25th over on our Jelly Deals Twitter account.

Read on for a peek at some of the best deals from last year''s Black Friday, and what we''d like to see Currys drop in price in this year''s sale.

Currys Black Friday 4K TV deals

We''ll be keeping our eyes open for deals on 4K TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, and Philips. There''s a range of sizes, from 42-inch to 65-inch and larger, as well as different panel types like LED, OLED, and QLED so you can see everything in crystal-clear quality. Currys has a few suggestions for this week''s release.

Currys Black Friday laptop deals

Whether it be a MacBook or a Windows laptop to increase productivity and run the best games at high settings, there should be a deal you can make the most of. Here are a few laptops we''re looking forward to seeing discounts on come November.

Currys Black Friday console deals

Currys might be surprised if they had any substantial discounts for the standalone consoles this Black Friday. PS5 Black Friday deals, Xbox Black Friday offers, and Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are among the items listed below.

Currys Black Friday gaming accessories deals

Currys will have plenty of options to choose between if you''re planning to purchase any gaming accessories this Black Friday. From a new gaming headset, to a gaming mouse, you may expect to save some money. Below are some of the monitors and accessories we''d like to see on sale this Black Friday:

Currys Black Friday mobile deals

Phones are becoming more popular, with bigger and brighter displays, longer battery life, and more powerful processors. These are inexpensive, and flagship phones are also expensive, so waiting for Black Friday is a good idea if you want to get a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device this Black Friday. Here are some of Currys'' phones that might go on sale:

Currys is definitely one of the finest stores for Black Friday deals in the United Kingdom, so keep this page on your computer as we update it later. Also, make sure you follow the Jelly Deals Twitter for all of the best deals you''ll get from Currys and other retailers before and during Black Friday 2022.

When do Currys Black Friday deals start?

Currys Black Friday Deals will officially begin on Black Friday, which will be on the 25th of November 2022. There may, however, be some early Black Friday deals, so check back regularly for updates.

What Currys Black Friday deals would we want to see in 2022?

Currys has a diverse array of technology products. We''d like to see deals on 4K OLED TVs for work and gaming, discounts on consoles and console bundles, gaming accessories such as headsets and mice, and mobile deals. We''d like to see deals on household appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

How to get the best Currys Black Friday deals

When the deals are announced on Black Friday, you should look at this page before the best ones sell out. Follow the jelly Deals Twitter account where we''ll display the best deals from Currys during Black Friday. You should also bookmark your purchases before signing them so that you don''t lose track of them.

Currys will offer you the best Black Friday discounts by getting a discounted product from any other UK store (online or in store). Currys will also refund you the difference, up to seven days after your purchase, so you''ll pay the lowest price.

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