What we've been doing lately

What we've been doing lately

16th of September, 2022

Hello! Welcome back to our regular feature, where we will give you a look at some of the games we''ve seen ourselves playing over the last few days. This time: laundry, guild difficulties, and return to hell.

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Arcade Paradise, PS5

I''m somewhat drawn to doing mundane things. I''m, nevertheless, incapable of getting enough of tidying up, or folding someone''s clothes, or cleaning them out. I never imagined I''d write that. But it''s the mundane half of Arcade Paradise in the game, which really balances me, and the game, out. Beautiful monotony - something to gently latch a restless mind onto and hold my hands with.

Plus, the mundane tasks aren''t as simple as they are in real-life. So when you pick gum, a little power gauge rapidly fills and empties, requiring you to restart it at the maximum moment for the most pulling power. So even though it all looks mundane, I reckon, it''s secretly the same sort of thing as playing arcade cabinets out the back. Neat!

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, Android

This week on Wednesday morning, I booted up Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus as normal and nearly cried. I had been kicked out of my guild.

These aren''t my words, either. The game actually described a message that: "You''ve been kicked out of your guild," and I was shocked, at first, then confused. Why had they done this? I hadn''t previously spoken to anyone in the guild, if you''re wondering why I started playing, once I had. I had given them when other players requested in-game items, so I took care of them all every day. I even joined the discord server the guild leader had set up.

Surely this was a mistake. Surely someone had accidentally pressed a button somewhere. I had to go on the guild discord and ask what happened.

I had been thrown out of the discord as well.

My displeasure quickly sparked outrage. At least me should first tell me before I''m kicked out. Cowards!

Was it something I said? My only reaction to guild chat was to agree that the last PvP event wasn''t significant due to a lack of team diversity. That doesn''t sound controversial to me. I didn''t speak in the discord, therefore there is only conflict - not a long talk.

Is the Black Legion bringing me? I suppose. Had they raised the minimum power level? It now stands at 22 (I had a look at my previous guild in-game to see them - may they had removed the guild?). I''m power level 20. Fine.

I was surprised to discover myself reassuring about all of this. At the time I was unceremoniously booted out of the Black Legion, we had a guild raid position of 18. There are tens of thousands of guilds on the leaderboard. We were one of the best guilds in the game.

It was quite a pleasure to be a senior tier video game guild. Members discussed the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop, and shared pictures of their models in our discord. There was a tendency to describe what item is best for this character? That kind of thing. Because we were powerful enough as a group to defeat high-level enemies. It''s all gone. Without explanation.

As I write this, it''s been two days since I was kicked out of the Black Legion. I almost quit the game over what happened, but I''ve come to accept it, according to others. I''ve joined a new guild called Sons of Sanguinius, which is limited to minimum power level. It''s possible that I start afresh as one of the good guys is what I need right now.

Hmm. The discord invite link is still on the Black Legion''s in-game guild page. Maybe I''ll drop my head in and see if they''ve mentioned why they kicked me out...

Hades, PC

I''m not a fan of Nintendo. Not because I''m worth billions of dollars (I''m priceless, actually) but because I''m usually slow to stick on anything that''s popular or trending.

That''s why I''m playing Hades for the first time, and I''m having a happy week. This is my ultimate "one more run" game for me, and when I check the clock I''ve spent four hours hacking my way through the Underworld and praying I don''t run into Tisiphone.

The gameplay experience is a lot of fun, with so many different combinations of weapons, trinkets, and boons that facilitate experimentation with each run. The art style is superb, and the music is fantastic. I''m not ashamed of that, right?

I''ve still a few ways to go with Hades - so far I''ve only managed to get out of the Underworld on 3 Heat, but I''m not complaining about having to spend more time with this game. As Zagreus repeats the process of getting to the surface, I''m becoming more and more in love with Hades.

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