The Splatoon 3 update removes internetmultiplayer connectivity limitations

The Splatoon 3 update removes internetmultiplayer connectivity limitations

Nintendo has released a Splatoon 3 update that has remedied a number of connection issues.

Players have complained about connectivity issues affecting the online multiplayer since it was incredibly successful.

Nintendo released a version of the game that addresses several issues, hoping to give us a better play experience.

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Connection issues are noted at the end of multiplayer battles, at the end of Salmon Run jobs, and when buying gear or weapons in stores.

Splatfests has another excellent move. Nintendo tested out its new three-way competitions ahead of its release, but gamers argued that the game was somewhat unreliant.

The rate of Tricolor Battle occurrence has been increased, causing their triggers for defending teams to be less frequent than they had previously.

This is good news ahead of the next Splatfest, which was recently announced on Nintendo Direct: what should you bring to a desert island? Choose between gear, grub, and fun.

"We have prioritized the release of this update patch because it focuses on Splatfest-related changes and addresses issues that might have an important impact on game progress. "

"Please note that the changes to Tricolor Battle frequency should be considered temporary. For the time being, there will be some more instances of players selecting Tricolor Battle, but they will be placed in a Turf War battle instead. This will continue to be changed, and this issue will be addressed. We are planning to begin the new season in December."

The next installment will focus on balance adjustments, according to the authors.

The Nintendo website has a wide range of patches.

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