The revitalized PlayStation Plus service has confirmed Asia's game library

The revitalized PlayStation Plus service has confirmed Asia's game library

To Infinity and Beyond

Sony Interactive Entertainment has begun rolling out its new PlayStation Plus service in Asian territories. Now, it is being launched in eastern areas such as Hong Kong and Korea, and Japan will follow the program in a matter of weeks. A massive catalog of new and classic PlayStation titles is on tap.

The entire list of titles that are available via the Asian version of the PS Plus service has been shared by Sony. The non-inclusive list currently includes over 200 PlayStation games, with maay more expected to join the party in the near future.

Members of PlayStation Extra and Deluxe can enjoy a wide variety of PS5 and PS4 releases, while Deluxe subscribers will also gain access to demos and trials, as well as a wide range of original PlayStation Classics. Moreover, all users including those on the base level PlayStation Essential will continue to receive free games on a monthly rotation.

Following the following links, you may see the actual list of PlayStation Plus releases for Hong Kong, as provided by Gematsu. The new PlayStation Plus service will be launched in Japan on June 1, America on June 13, and Europe on June 22. Sony has previously suggested that PlayStation Plus will host an additional 400 titles over the course of its formative launch period.

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